Young Money – Bed Rock

June 7, 2006 25 Comments
YoungMoneyVEVO asked:


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25 Comments to “Young Money – Bed Rock”
  1. LILTEZ205 says:

    I Dropped Freestyles to
    ?Young Money-Bedrock
    ?Drake Wayne Eminem-Forever
    ?Lil Wayne-On Fire
    ?Gucci Mane-Lemonade
    Everybody is Feelin em 4real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just Click My Name and Hit Play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ??Lil Tez??

  2. jordanl766 says:

    @jgcgsgmg Get a 25 Killstreak :)

  3. Hello, I am a 16 year old unknown rap artist just trying to get my name out there. It would be very much appreciated if you could check out the songs on my page, i am hopeful that you will find something that you like. Thank you.

  4. musiiclova says:

    Good song, nice house ;)

  5. 657killer says:

    nicki is sooo hot

  6. naronz235 says:

    i thought drake was in another recording company….

  7. TheTrillz says:

    I watch these videos and think, “goddamn where the fuck did these guys get their tattoos done? They look horrible. “

  8. wafflepistol says:

    Quit hating people, seriously, these guys are happy and successful. So what if there isn’t a white guy in the video. If we’d quit being bitches, maybe they’ll give us a spot. Women are taking over the business world, blacks taking over the music industry! Gays taking over the Entertainment, make up scene. F*cking deal with it.

  9. dhstandard22 says:

    only white guy in the video the one holding the mic?

  10. Moros503 says:

    Hey yall check out my music, and let me know what you think! Thanks!

  11. marvelking71 says:

    In 10 years we’ve gone from “Stingy in winches of vicious, malicious inflictions upon your click circulatory” to “Call me Mr. Flinstone I can make your bed rock”? Damn shame hip hop had to end up this way.

  12. DavidVidS192 says:

    For some rap visit my channel

  13. a did yall hear dat gucci mane pass me the ball

  14. VFOAM ,C@M is selling NICKI MINAJ “BARBIE” PENDENT the EXACT CHARM you see HER WEARING in this video from VFOAM ,C@M no lie this website has it

  15. UmmmmAlright says:

    lol….Lloyd sorta carries the rest, they should be thanking him.

  16. ichijorox says:

    niki minaj had to show her titties every chance she gets

  17. G0ddEity says:

    Is this lil wayne’s house?

  18. SariwangBata says:

    hey, im a new 16year old R&B/HipHop artist. currently recording and trying to get my account out there. Working hard trying to make my songs great enough for youtube at the moment so i’d like to ask you to please help my start of my music and subscribe and i will keep you updated on my latest material. thank you.

  19. laorjlse says:

    @jgcgsgmg you need to get 25 kills first. unless you have hardline haha

  20. Ganzuji says:

    I wanna fuck nikki.

  21. Jersey Shore–Hood Rat Edition, oh and Tony the tiger is there giving out free samples

  22. itsaguinness says:

    see my version by the flintstones

  23. jgcgsgmg says:

    what egotistical jackasses all in one place at the same time, if only I had a nuke…

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