Yothu Yindi – Dots on the Shell

September 14, 2005 23 Comments
MitchMiller123 asked:

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23 Comments to “Yothu Yindi – Dots on the Shell”
  1. sharvie73 says:

    So many dick heads post comments about Yothu Yindi. But if they really knew what it was all about. I tell u what, if u need to be told then u will never understand. But those not from Australia feel free to ask.

  2. sharvie73 says:

    @AdiRudi yeah back in the day when they still had respect.

  3. AdiRudi says:

    Great song this is. I remember that SBS here showed this video clip quite often for many years during program intervals (before they introduced ads within programs)

  4. very nice song I love it

  5. josbub says:

    beautiful song..

  6. Artbag1 says:

    Got the album One Blood Great!

  7. leneghp says:

    lovely song I love it

  8. qualqui says:

    I respect your country, your grandfathers, over 1000 generations livin’ in peace and harmony with Tonantzin’s other creations.

    Tonantzin: Honorable Earth Mother

  9. SudoJudo1 says:

    Why should they?? History is moving on .. The ancient knowledge and powers are being lost..
    These songs remind us of the land and its spirit.
    White man has done more harm in the last 100 years than the whole of humanity ever could. Id like to see white man adapt to the Aussie bush with no help. The only people that could and did adapt was the aboriginals..

  10. gwensno1fan says:

    this song give me the goose bumps..

  11. baranyandi says:

    Neil, be still, my heart :)

  12. alkadypod says:

    Sadly now Mandawuy is a sick man The former rock star has been receiving haemodialysis for a year very sadly he has advanced renal failure

  13. this was used in neighbours in the coffee shop a lot in 1996

  14. i have a grandmother and grandfather in dream time that have helped me heal when i was under my spirit initiations and they are alive in australia somewhere and i wish i could thank them in this waking dream but my initiations from spirit are all finished, so wherever you are my grandmother grandfather those few months i send raven from the northwest to deliver my prayer of thanks to you

  15. porkyrong says:

    treaty – the remix

  16. philster2k8 says:

    Any1 know the name of yothu yindis techno-ish song??

  17. sepulslayer says:

    Thats Stuart Kellaway, the young chick in the film clip said so! Not a Finn!

  18. This is my favorite version of this song, not only yothu yindi but Tim Finn, how cool. Thanks so much.

  19. purespirit9 says:

    Duh! Just one I liked.

  20. purespirit9 says:

    WOW thanks qualqui, I enjoyed listening to this vid. I gonna view the other two you just mentioned. Thanks MitchMiller123 for posting. Your vids are 5/5

  21. qualqui says:

    after listenin’ to Ghost Spirits and Dots on a Shell, i’m hooked on Yothu Yindi! 5/5, gonna share this vid with my other friends here on YT!

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