Would you rather work full time to live in a nicer town, safer neighborhood, nicer neighbors and house?

March 24, 2010 11 Comments
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Bet L asked:

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11 Comments to “Would you rather work full time to live in a nicer town, safer neighborhood, nicer neighbors and house?”
  1. Frank H says:

    In the long run, it’s better to spend more on the nicer house, neighborhood, schools, etc….even if you have to sacrafice to make it happen.

  2. Daphnie D says:

    can’t you shop around a bit more in hope of finding the best place to suit you and your family. your family and happiness is not worth the compromise of having a nice house

  3. lourdes r says:

    yes, and when i am able to get what i wanted, i can mellow down a bit and relax with my job.

  4. Cat says:

    maybe you should buy the lesser house for now and then upgrade when it is feasible.just an idea…good luck

  5. True101 says:

    Time is more valuable then possessions especially to children….
    You don’t need the nicer now, that will come in time when your husbands job becomes more lucrative

  6. mrs.ike says:

    Just follow your heart.Get the one that you think is good and suitable for the family.If it takes like a couple of years for the kids to be in 1st/2nd grade,by that time,maybe you can get a nanny that can accompany them for activities and sports.

  7. To me that is a no brainer… I would chose the nicer home & neighborhood. This is why… several years ago when I was a single mom raising 2 small boys. I made the decision to by the less expensive home in a mediocre neighborhood. Trouble, Trouble, Trouble. The neighbor kids would run the streets at all hours, there was talk of drugs, trouble on the school bus, vandalism and a list of other problems. I refused to let my children play with the neighbor kids which only made things worse. Damage by neighborhood kids to my windows, pool and yard was becoming a daily thing. After 2 years I noticed my own childre starting to behave badly! It was time for us to go.
    I moved to a very nice new home. Good schools and great neighbors makes a world of difference! I now have a support group in my neighborhood of other mothers and fathers that look out for each others children, they car pool my kid for sports and I do the same for them. Sometimes I skip my lunch so I can leave early to be to an activity. It all works out.

  8. Kailey says:

    I feel your pain!! I have been in the same situation, but I still don’t know if I have the answer. I have 4 children. Being able to stay home with them was always the most important thing to me. I didn’t want them to have to come home from school to an empty house, I didn’t want them to ever need me and me not be there for them.

    However, my husband was faced with an option of either being laid off, or taking a demotion about two years ago. We had just purchased a home, in a nice neighborhood, great school systems…….we needed his income. Either way it went, I was going to have to go to work full time to help with the finances. So, that is what I did. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. However, I think I put myself through way more agony than necessary. I allowed myself to feel guilty. I told myself that I was less of a mother, and was throughly convinced that my children would suffer horribly.

    Well, they didn’t. It all worked out. They all are very involved in sports. They are great students, and respectful! They have had to learn to be more responsible for themselves, which I think has been very beneficial to them. My employer knows that my children are my #1 priority, so if they call me, or the school calls me, I am there! Any sports that they are involved in are usually on the weekends or in the evenings, so that works out.

    My advise to you is to do what is best for your family. Talk it through with each of them, weigh out all the pro’s and con’s and then make your decision. If you decide to go to work full-time, just allow yourself some adjustment time. It will be difficult, but once everyone gets adjusted to it and into a routine, it will be fine! Good luck to you!!

  9. jonesty1284 says:

    I think you should find a happy medium. I reasonable house in a decent neighborhood. Sometimes the “best” neighborhoods are not all that good for various reasons and you definitely don’t want a bad neighborhood. Find a happy medium.

  10. mrseahorse1 says:

    so work full time how lazy are you , think of your kids not yourself

  11. tj says:

    Go for nicer,you’ll be glad you did it later.

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