World of Warcraft – We Will Rock You (Music Video)

April 19, 2006 24 Comments
Tedman asked:

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24 Comments to “World of Warcraft – We Will Rock You (Music Video)”
  1. cherielmr207 says:

    She teasing with her fans.. Lady Gaga showing her sexy body – Nakedlady gaga. C00Mm – Just Awesome

  2. papadropacap says:

    absolutely amazing lol

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  4. alibabada1 says:

    i love this juste i am with ali

  5. @johnnythewarlock agreed!

  6. Superstats1 says:

    thungs up this comment if you hate the new youtube layout

  7. Joeofiowa says:


    I think the new one makes sense. In the old system, I bet everyone gave 5 if they liked and 1 if they didn’t. If you voted 2 or 4, you were basically just de-valuing your own vote.

  8. Dayenzu says:

    Awesome job =) Great vid!!! Thumbs up!!

  9. goth9ever says:

    this was brilliantly made, well done, a BIG thumbs up

  10. Queen’s Music Is ROCK ‘N ROLL!=P

  11. Great editing and an all round entertaining video:)

  12. Squamifer says:

    Freddy Mercury

  13. dogra13 says:

    Great video but hate Youtube’s new layout for rating.

  14. Lucez7 says:

    i like this video!^^

  15. Hey great video of WoW. By the way check
    f r e e w o w g a m e t i m e . c o m (without spaces)
    to get free WoW game cards.

  16. deadviking1 says:

    i cant believe this has 3 million views

  17. chizman32 says:

    ohhh this was made in 06′ that explains why they are putting MC in it

  18. darkrev94 says:

    u rocked me…

  19. bettescorpio says:

    Hell yeah!!! QUEENNNNNN

  20. pajamamomma says:

    @gnookergi No, he didn’t use “their” correctly you jackass. This is what he said, ” What parent lets there little…”. The “there” he used is an adverb. He’s speaking about my kids, he should have said, “What? parent lets “THEIR” little…”. The proper “their” shows possession. Looks like you need help too. FUCKING MORON!

  21. hippus18 says:

    new exploit to get free wow gametime!
    youtube (.) com/watch?v=UO02hoA61ac
    Realy works! ” “

  22. gnookergi says:

    Lol! You’re the last person to throw out insults about another persons mother. Stop playing with light-sabers and teaching your son Gavin to choke himself first. Oh and BTW, he used “their” correctly.

  23. everettd89 says:

    The flip out of lava at 1:44 is hilarious. Nice job on the video, really liked the tauren stomp and clap.

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