With The Police, Genesis, Van Halen, & Crowded House reuniting, it’s time for Steve Perry to rejoin Journey!

January 24, 2009 8 Comments
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8 Comments to “With The Police, Genesis, Van Halen, & Crowded House reuniting, it’s time for Steve Perry to rejoin Journey!”
  1. kim_in_craig says:

    I agree 100% I have been a Journey fan for over 20 years. They were better off when Steve Perry was lead singer.

  2. Agreed. Although there is an enomous amount of bad blood between Perry and the band, I never thought I would see Sting reunite with his mates, who fought like cats and dogs all across the planet. It’s amazing what people will do when tens of millions of dollars are on the table.

  3. WillLynn 1 says:

    Heck Yeah!!!!

    Those songs don’t sound right with someone else singing them. I was browsing through the Entertainment section of the local paper and noticed that Journey was coming ( This was a while ago), and I thought “Cool! Maybe now I’ll get a chance to see them.” Then I saw the little writing that said “Featuring _____” Can’t even remember what the dude’s name was. All I know is it wasn’t Steve Perry. I then came home and checked it out online and sure enough the concert would be that guy singing lead. WTF?!? Who wanted to hear him? So instead I just blasted my CD’s. Sadly, it wasn’t the same as seeing the real thing. So I’m all for getting them back together. Who do we picket, write emails to, or just get on our knees and beg??? LOL

  4. Fish Master says:

    Yeah! One of the best voice for soft rock songs.

  5. Candice says:

    WOW dude that would be great to say the least, Iuv Journey especially with Stevo up front….YAY I TOTALLY AGREE..

    Journey fan here…Time to bury the hatchet (not in each other.LOL) and get back on road and in our faces again….ROCK ON…?

  6. Dawn says:

    woohoo! that would be the best- there’s nobody who can sing it like Steve Perry!

  7. glasshouse0 says:

    this is not a question, but the answer is no journey was not needed in the first place.

  8. Jilly says:

    If the original members of Journey got back together again I would stab my own eye with a SPORK!!

    (They were my absolute favorite band in the 80s, but jeez – haven’t times changed? I’m certainly not going to pull out my moon boots, tight Jordache jeans, leg warmers, ribbon barrettes, my bike with the banana seat, OR my Dr. Scholl’s sandals!!!)

    [I will however, watch Little House on the Prairie.]

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