Will Obama find enough Americans who are ashamed of America to vote him into the White House?

April 27, 2010 19 Comments
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Blockhead asked:

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19 Comments to “Will Obama find enough Americans who are ashamed of America to vote him into the White House?”
  1. It looks like he’s going to win, if that’s what you’re asking.

  2. Anon says:

    Oh he already has them in the masses. You know, if there are all these Americans ashamed of America, maybe we better investigate why instead of bitc*ing about it.

    You’re helping nothing.

  3. Deep Thought says:

    At least we’re not voting for a man who thinks an attack on US would be “good for his campaign”. That’d be McCain. U should wake up.

  4. Puller58 says:

    Just needs to find enough sheeple. Here sheepie, sheepie.

  5. Joe says:

    No, he won’t. When it comes down to brass tacks, there are still enough Americans left who love their country that we won’t let Obama win!!

  6. hardwoodrods says:

    I think those of us who love this country will out number his followers in the end. I say followers because they follow him like he is the Messiah.

  7. delphi says:

    No matter how many times you say it. Or how you say it. It holds no truth.

  8. Stan says:

    He will find enough Americans who are ashamed of George W. Bush. Fortunately, the majority of Americans – unlike the asker of this question – are able to distinguish between the great country of America and the shameful disgrace of its current president.

  9. Im very proud to be an American and i wouldnt live anywhere else. I am also voting for Obama

  10. RLP says:

    Obama is a very much decent individual and will become our next president regardless if racist, ignorant and stupid hillbilly rednecks like it or not.

    OBAMA 2008!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lehcar says:

    they arent ashamed of america. they don’t want a black man in office. that’s all they see in him. they dont have this problem with any of the other candidates. they always talk about his race. a lot of americans are still ignorant and would rather have another bush in office than a black man. america needs to get over the race. it’s ridiculous. it sickens me how much hatred in is america because of race. if we as a country want to recover from what we have dug ourselves into, people will have to suck it up and accept the fact that whites/minorities are equal an just as important. im not only talking about the Caucasian community. the black community gets caught up in race and uses it for people to feel sorry for them. so what obama is black. get over it. i am an american. i am not black or white or hispanic i am an american.

  12. pete63daddy says:

    Today’s CNN poll has Obama 63% to McCain’s 37% the people of America are ashamed of how corperate America is robbing us blind, one thing for sure there are a lot more poor than rich people maybe its time for a little justice.

  13. jerome2all says:

    No, Blockhead, he will find enough Americans who love their country to vote him into the White House…

    And as for McCain’s adviser who seams to favor an attack on us soil he will hopefully be on the streets somewhere holding up a cardboard sign….

  14. luciusclay says:

    according to your logic 60% of americans hate america,because that is the percentage of the vote he will get in november, when he wins the election!

  15. Moose says:

    Absolutely not; however, he will find enough Americans who are ashamed of the past seven years, the ridiculous deficits, the ballooning national debt, the unnecessary war, and the extremist “I am god, you are wrong” social policy to vote for him and against McSame.

  16. Bob O says:

    We have certainly seen a lot of love of country from the GOP in the last seven and a half years haven’t we.

  17. I am voting for Obama because I love America… I think you have confused Bush and America as the same thing… Bush is part of America that I strongly dislike but I don’t hate America. Bush is a man with ideas that I don’t like… he is not America.

    Look up the United States and start reading about it… A political viewpoint that happens to be Republican does not exactly mean America. The same can be said about the Democratic party.

    Just because there are people in this nation that looks to leadership away from your view does not mean they hate America. Given the latest polls, by your logic 59% of the nation hates America. I guess you need to start packing your suitcases then or load your guns…. But 59% of the nation that disagrees with you… well, if you take that route your odds aren’t good. I’d pack or accept that other views from your own can exist in this country.

  18. Don’t know the answer to your question but for myself, I haven’t been this ashamed of my country since Nixon.

    We’ll see what the voters say come November. This voter isn’t voting republican.

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