Will good rock music ever make a comeback?

October 8, 2007 12 Comments
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bonham4ever asked:

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12 Comments to “Will good rock music ever make a comeback?”
  1. HAha im listening to Stairway to Heaven right now :D

    and mhmm damn i miss it to

  2. k.a.y.l.a says:

    that Paul Green guy tells us yes.
    i don’t know if copying great old stuff is the way to make great new stuff though.

  3. it never went away. you just have to know where to look for it

  4. Azerbajen says:

    we still have ac/dc and van halen. it would be a miracle if led zeppelin got back together. what we need now to save rock’n'roll is a new rock band with good “rock not pop” music that doesn’t sell out.

  5. Jack says:

    dont even mention jonas brothers in the same sentence as led zeppelin…….. even if it is to make a point……

  6. Gig says:

    Many bands that are nowadays referred to as “rock” are pop-rock, metal, or punk-rock. Many genres have become twisted as popular culture accepts many different sounds. Bands like All American Rejects and Jonas Bros. aren’t really rock, they’re pop, and pop-rock. Inspired by Britney Spears just as much as ACDC.

    What’s the last rock band you actually enjoyed? Today there are a few good ones, my opinion. Like Breaking Benjamin, and Three Days Grace. Though, that’s obviously just an opinion.

  7. I hope it might. I mean, still a few good bands out there: acdc, foo fighters, the adicts, etc. but i know what u mean. no good POPULAR bands. I mean, there are still fans out there, they just need a band to bring them together. What I can say is that if zeppelin comes back, yes, there will be a comeback

  8. phatzwave says:

    That’s pretty pathetic that you refer todays music as only the The Jonas Brothers. There was crap in the 60′s though the 90′s too, remember Disco?

  9. I think your take on this present decade is all wrong. First, to give you an idea of my perspective, all my faves are the 60′s and 70′s artists I grew up with. When the 80′s and 90′s rolled around, I held the same opinion about that music as you do about today’s music…. *bleah*. In the last several years, I began recapturing my youth by dating drastically younger women, and i realized that there are tons of great bands out there. If you’re referencing Jonas, you’re not listening in the right places. Try Franz Ferdinand, Gaslight Anrthem, Silversun Pickups, We Were Promised Jet-Packs, The Muslims, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys, Shinedown, The Killers, The Kooks, Cut Copy, Mgmt, Dandy Warhol, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Monotonix, Wendy Darling. There are a LOT of quality bands out there nowadays. Open your mind, man. Don’t be a fuddy duddy.

  10. people like you make me laugh. yr funny.

  11. GoBraves95 says:

    Not for a while, The legends of Hard Rock like the ones you named in the list. Are far different from what rock has evolved into now.

    Now its mostly pop, instead of memorable guitar riffs we just get a lame choral progression that it feels like we’ve heard before. Instead of tough sounding vocals like GnR and ACDC, or beatiful singing voices like Led Zep and Queen. We have this California boy-band high pitched singing.

    Rock still has a few great modern bands like, The White Stripes, The Killers, Foo Fighters etc. but its still a different sound.

  12. There’s still good music today, but instead of previous era’s you have to search for it. But yes, I do agree it’s a damn shame that no particular trend defines the genre of 00′s unlike all the other decade for example:
    60′s: Blues, hard rock
    70′s: Punk, glam
    80′s: Thrash, Post-punk
    90′s: Britpop, grunge
    Each decade had a particular style that defined it’s time. I hate it and feel left out because I’ve never lived through a time period like these, I just missed the britpop and grunge era by a couple of years, and now I’m growing up with this Disney/I Kissed a Girl crap. It’s my dream to go back and live through one of these decades simply for the music, and I’d appreciate no matter which one, as long as it’s not the 00′s

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