Why do we make are life so difficult and unhappy?

October 28, 2009 7 Comments
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vital_moors asked:

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7 Comments to “Why do we make are life so difficult and unhappy?”
  1. chaskfrazier says:

    Because the opposite is too easy. Dude, are you PMS-ing?

  2. mandm says:

    I have to agree with you, I don’t know why people can’t be happy living a simple life instead of wanting more and more. The harder you work and the more money you make does not buy happiness. Most of it goes for taxes anyway. Yes, we do have a choice to live a simple and easy life.

  3. L says:

    why live a long happy life? The real life is when it’s full of interesting things, but short. That’s what we learn at sociology in school.
    For example I could have chosen to live in my natal town and have the same job as my mom and grandma had. But I prefer moving to another country to go to college when I finish highschool and become something like a pilot. And risk my life every day and have stress and live with the fact that I can crash anytime (or somethin like that)
    That is because I want to evolve and become better that my ascendents. They maybe lived a happy life, but not a better one.people that had an unhappy life made the greatest achievments. like daVinci, Raffael, Einstein, Francisc, Nostradamus and some ppl I don’t remember.
    If you don’t want to make something of your life that live it happily if you want

  4. Tmarie99 says:

    Speak for yourself, pal. I love my life. It’s not hard or complicated.

  5. where is the question its a wonderful answer you have given for ur own question if atall u feel u asked one go thro what u asked ur answer very clearly lies there

  6. antiposer says:

    because it’s sometimes worth all the trouble to have onew happy moment. i mean and people love you and all that s h i t. i mean it’s kind of how you put your principles in order. if you are loved i wouldn’t die just because life sucks because that will ruin every one else you know’s life.
    we do enjoy living. that’s where you’re wrong…well some of the time at least.
    there was no system that we lived on and to quote kurt vonnugut “we’re a nation addicted to fossil fuels and like any person about to face cold turkey; our leaders are killing to get their hands on the last of it.”
    we have always screwed everything up and if you’re complaining about it now it’s too late in the game…we’re screwd over. totaly f u c k e d up foreever.
    so my advice is live your life and follow the wiccan creed “an ye harm none; do ye will” which means “do whatever the hell you want just if you dont screw up anything too much.”

  7. Skyline says:

    In America, we are on top of the world in terms of what we have. That means that we are in kind of an admistrative role in world society. In this role, we must take on a lot of stress to make sure that we stay on top.

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