Why do people make their life so unhappy and difficult?

January 4, 2010 6 Comments
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vital_moors asked:

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6 Comments to “Why do people make their life so unhappy and difficult?”
  1. Pat Shepherd says:

    Our knowledge gets in the way of basal instinct.

  2. bradymsu says:

    Desire is the root cause of suffering. Desire for things one does not have, desire for things one cannot have. Desire for things that have been lost. Desire is nature’s biggest motivator for progress and at the same time, the source of much of our pain. It’s not just humans that suffer from desire, animals do as well. Its at the core of the natural world. The only way to escape the suffering caused by desire is to strive to seperate yourself from it. This is what is at the core of many world religions. It is the central tenant of Buddhism. In Christianity, the state of mind resulting from the temporary release from desire is called “grace” (not the prayer before meals).

  3. upside666 says:

    An EXCELLENT and well worded question.
    The reason for our contraryness to obtaining an easy life, firstly, is in the humans sense of self. This is at odds with anything else in the animal kingdom. Ego, alas, creates separation.
    Further, our society is so constructed to make living an alternative lifestyle an almost impossible dream. We NEED to earn money to continue to exist in the system. Sadly, we cannot just go out and build a home in a few short weeks, as the land would be owned by someone else, there would be the needs for planning and building approvals (in most countries) -and subsequent land rents or taxation, otherwise, the government or others acting on their behalf would buldoze our new dwellings flat.
    In short, we are tied into our prisons of misery by the monetary system. Sure, we could opt out, move into a forest and eat plants or bugs, but who would want that?
    Our prison is entirely of our own making.

  4. Army mom says:

    Abraham Lincoln said that most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be!

    This is a sinful, fallen world…we all have a sinful, fallen nature. We choose to do the very things that aren’t good for us or others. Like seeks like…even when we know better we can’t do the right thing and it makes us miserable. Without God’s help and salvation we can’t make right decisions and will be unhappy and mess things up for ourselves and all around us!
    Seek ye the Lord while you may! Choose joy! Choose life with God! John 3:16.

  5. booboo says:

    Well first off we spend so much time working in part because we have to put ever increasing amounts of money in other peoples pockets so there’s less and less for us to live on and second we spend so much time trying to keep up with the neighbors or the guy on TV or whoever else tells us we’re not adequate if we don’t have the latest and greatest gadget or widget or whatever. Then we screw up our kids because we follow some bonehead who writes an equally boneheaded book and we end up having no idea how to actually be a parent and either try to be a friend to our kids which is wrong, parents need to be parents not friends or at least parents first friends second or they heap mounds of false praise on their kids which: when the kids go out in the real world and those heaps of praise are no longer there end up making our kids think there’s something wrong with either them or the world around them which screws them up even more. What this all ads up to is we have screwed things up, badly and it may be more difficult to fix than we have time to do it.

  6. Happiness is a state of mind but many people are just worried about keeping a roof over their heads no matter how modest and don’t really have their heads turned by extravagant desires. Sometimes your choice is working two jobs or working 3 jobs to survive. You’re right. That is a crumby way to have to live.

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