Why do I not feel modern rock music being put out today?

October 27, 2007 7 Comments
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Bill asked:

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7 Comments to “Why do I not feel modern rock music being put out today?”
  1. Dookie says:

    Because now musicians are just making music for money.

  2. sugaree says:

    congratulations…you are now an old dude…..

  3. Because most modern rock musicians (note i said MOST, not ALL) do not have talent and use computers instead of their instruments.

    Musicians from the 60s,70s,80s, (and sometimes 90s) NEEDED talent to make it to the big time. And they also needed to love what they do, and put all their heart and soul into their music and not just do it for music.

    that’s why you don’t feel today’s music. Because all the artists now lack two things- heart and soul.

    they only do it for the money and most of them are talentless hacks

  4. commercial, and manufactured.

    Chewed up and spat out.

    nothing is fresh in music anymore.

  5. you know I’m looking to slash for this answer.
    “I used to steal the live LP’s before actually stealing a bands album, so I would know if they were good or not.”

    Bands now aren’t good live, they are (well Not ALL of them are) studio created bands.

  6. There are some really good things that are newer as well, but it seems like most acts are interested in making “radio friendly unit shifter”s than anything else. Ironic that while Kurt was making fun of the style, he was still so able to connect. Few acts now are willing to try something different, because they just wanna make a lot of money, have a big house and sleep with a different chick every night. No soul to it, so how could we expect a connection?

  7. Jayce says:

    Have you attempted ehow for a solution to this? They’re really good on this subject over there.

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