Why do Christianity think rock n roll is the Devil’s music?

March 21, 2007 23 Comments
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Logan Wolfsbane asked:

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23 Comments to “Why do Christianity think rock n roll is the Devil’s music?”
  1. Gluon says:

    Because when you are made to believe in absurdities you will think in irrational ways….

  2. Mailman Fred says:

    Because it is more popular than creationism

  3. same was said about jazz (or negro music)

    wtf? y! blocks the word n.e.g.r.o

  4. Matt says:

    A few years ago, when I still went to church, I was told to stop listening to Iron Maiden because it was “satanising me”.

  5. Kathy says:

    Only very extreme people said that.

    There is some truth in the fact that many rock bands did promote poor lifestyle choices.


  6. Blake says:

    I only think the sex and drugs are immoral, not the guitar.

    They might have said it’s the Devil’s music because John Lennon (rest his soul) led millions into a rebellion against Christianity.

  7. No more
    they now think Death/Black/Satanic Metal is satanic, thats so unfair ;(
    i mean is just music?
    they also think new age music is satanic, although it have some kind of Atheist point of view…

  8. syncopated rhythm? An egg can be boiled at high sound frequencies, so what is it doing our brains?

  9. im a Christian and i like metal

  10. Woody B says:

    …because it was very expressive and christians hate freedom of expression.

  11. Some people still say that but I disagree. I think it’s silly for a type of music to be evil. I think God likes all types of music if it’s used for His glory.

  12. If you listen to the lyrics of many of the songs they advocate Lust , murder, hatred, sex out side of marriage ect….All of the sins we are admonished by God to avoid ! How could they be considered anything else.

  13. ragdoll_421 says:

    Christianity feels that rock music glorifies things that are sinful and evil. Premarital sex, not treating your body like a temple, and all that good stuff. These “sins” are supposedly a favorite of the devils and therefore the music that embraces it, embraces him as well.

  14. Because not all rock preaches about god. I know of families that will only listen to gospel or “christian rock”…

  15. Metzae says:

    I haven’t heard this idea since I watched Dirty Dancing. The most important part of this question is the implication that people believe in the devil. The Devil! HILARIOUS!

  16. graceface<33 says:

    because its upbeet, makes you feel good, makes you want to focus on it, they want you to only focus on god rock n roll music was a disraction.

  17. Be Blessed says:

    I don’t. There is some good Christian rock music. Instruments aren’t evil. Lyrics can be, though.

  18. Adam says:

    It depends on what it’s about or what they say.

  19. George Harrison said it is, in a song called the devils radio.

  20. KimberlyJ says:

    This is a good question. Rock n roll is very sensual music. The best rock and roll always seems to be inspired by sex and in fact sexually arousing, some in a very explicit way, like Billy Squier’s “Stroke me”. Is that what its called? Sometimes, its more subtle, like in Prince’s Raspberry Beret. But its just always there.

    Does this make it Satanic? I don’t know. We Christians are ambivalent about sex because it is both a precious gift from God AND a source of great moral danger. The moral danger is that the sex drive tends to make us look at other human beings as objects. That is a great sin. It is related to slavery, which is the ultimate reduction of a human being to the status of a mere implement or appendage. Treating others as sex objects certainly is Satanic, in that it puts the Self at the center of the universe rather than God.

    Now, does rock and roll celebrate Holy, marital love that is open to procreation or the other kind of sex? I don’t know, but I am inclined to be charitable and say that some rock and roll can be viewed as a celebration of holy, marital sex, though I can’t say I can think of any examples right now.

  21. David C says:

    I remember my grandparents saying this. It had to do with the relaxed sexual mores in the earlier years, and later with Heavy Metal many lyrics were blatantly anti-Christian and some Satanic. Look at Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

  22. merget says:

    they think its the sound of the devil

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