Why do certain Black people catch hell for listening to and playing rock music?

October 11, 2007 17 Comments
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Jay asked:

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17 Comments to “Why do certain Black people catch hell for listening to and playing rock music?”
  1. Adobe says:

    …because they’re hanging around dumb people who give them hell for listening to rock music.

    Get new friends.

  2. Maria says:

    I imagine these people were teenagers. They did it because they are ignorant of what rock music is. Why give them a second thought?

  3. ~JESSICA~ says:

    I don’t get it either. Some people make it like Rock is predominately White music and Hip Hop is Predominately black music. I thought music was music and people like what they like or sing what they sing.

  4. LONNIE M says:

    i have a best friend who is black and is semi-gothic. I love him to death and i defend him.He gets alot of flack for it too. It has to do with racism.

  5. Kevin says:

    forget them who cares.

  6. Alli W says:

    They’re ignorant. Where do they think rock came from? It came from Gospel, Folk music, Blues, Swing, and R&B.

    Without Black musicians, we would have no rock today.

  7. ? says:

    Those are some close minded stupid people that should be ignored.

  8. Maryjane says:

    Because they have issues deep inside them.

  9. They are retarded. Listen to what you want.
    I am black and I listen to whatever sounds good to me.

  10. monkeipeg says:

    Who knows, I guess they believe those stereotypes that ignorant people have created. I get made fun of by my dad and my sister for listening to alternative rock, but I really don’t care. I’ve never been interested in hip hop. Mostly I just don’t go for it because a lot of hip hop is not what it used to be. They aren’t real musicians anymore.

  11. KAHLAH1O1 says:

    because every body has a mind of there own.they stick to what there heart tells them to.thats jus every ones reality im mixed im black {jamaica} & hispanic{dominican rep} and i dont listen reggaeton but i listen reaggae and all my family loves reggaeton thats just how it is. o well i listen to RnB too and contemporary music.

  12. Leslie C says:

    Ignorance is bliss. It’s a free country and you can listen to whatever you want.

    BTW- Hootie is black too. I know lots of black people that listen to rock. The type of music you listen too doesn’t make you black or white. Hopefully, you’ve heard and appreciate R&B but just prefer rock.

    Be blessed
    Ba”rock” the vote!

  13. toriko_chan says:

    Music has nothing to do with race. If you like that kind of music, don’t worry about it. Enjoy what you like!

  14. alanna m says:

    Yes i get that all the time because apparently according to some law im not aware of black people aren’t allowed to listen to rock music (sarcasm). It’s really annoying but just ignore it because they are going to continue to say it no matter what you say or do. Just be yourself it doesn’t matter what other people’s opinions are of. They don’t have to listen to it if they don’t want to!

  15. I know what you mean. My ex-boyfriend listens to Evanescence, Avenged Sevenfold, Dragonforce, LP, ect ppl always said he wasn’t acting black enough, like what the hell is that supposed to mean? I never knew genre of music pertained to ethnicities, I never knew only white ppl could listen to rock! I myself am Hispanic and sometimes listen to rock and my friends always tell me “Stop listening to that white ppl music, listen to some black ppl music” It irritates the hell ouot of me because race even follows you into the music you listen to.

  16. Matthew B says:

    The same reason that white kids get yelled at for liking Rap music. I’m a white rock musician who listens to a lot of rap in his free time and people give me shit about it all the time too.

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