Why did an Obama supporter wave a Communist flag outside the White House?

March 27, 2009 31 Comments
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sl??u?o? asked:

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31 Comments to “Why did an Obama supporter wave a Communist flag outside the White House?”
  1. Hussein says:

    Because that is their goal.

  2. N says:

    because he is a lonely idiot?

  3. Because Democrats really believe in the right to free expression Even if they are stupid

  4. buzzb81 says:

    Because the dingle berries in the crowd don’t even know what they were cheering for…


  5. Maybe you should ask the guy, only he would know his own motives.

  6. Jon says:

    the guy may be russian, i dont know why he did it.

  7. Bob B says:

    Red Robbo i bet you stood up and saluted dam i bet you were proud.

  8. im2ez4u says:

    Probably for the same reason that the klan uses to assemble.

  9. Probably to wind up the rednecks.

    It’s the kind of thing I’d do for a crack.

  10. Anniekd says:

    Well, Communism certainly would be change, just not the change we need.

  11. swampy says:

    Now with socialists in control of congress and the Presidency, they will come out into the open more often, you will probably see much more of this in the next few years.

  12. Dasyatidae says:

    Because they weren’t an Obama supporter.

  13. dinodino says:

    The only person who can correctly answer that question is the person who did it. I wouldn’t make any general conclusions about Obama supporters from this ONE PERSON out of millions.

  14. Tango says:

    Maybe it’s a sign to say peace with Russia.

  15. I highly doubt it was a conservative plant. We were all too busy being stunned in silence. More like it is an Obama supporter after all socialism and communism go hand in hand.

  16. Bill Greene says:

    Obama is rated as the most liberal senator in the nation. He is, therefore, the senator who is most in line with the communist belief system of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” While I’m not ready to label him a communist, he’s about as close to one as America is willing to go as far as a nationally elected official is concerned. I mean, listen to the sound bite on youtube about how he wants to use the courts to redistribute wealth. For the communists out there, Obama is as good as it gets.

  17. Tom W says:

    The first step toward Communism is Socialism.

  18. Mike says:

    The Communist Party of America supports Obama.

  19. The Red Bull says:

    Why do you think?

  20. Watereaw says:

    because he is an idiot. the rest of the crowd was probably too wasted to notice. obama is going to be a great president, not a communist. and maybe heis a conservative plant.

  21. OddJob says:

    A Rupert Murdoch plot for news ratings. Arrrgh!

  22. And then there’s the image from the Houston Obama office that displayed the Che faced Cuban flag. He may not be an infiltrater, but some of his supporters sure seem to think his is.

  23. Chris B says:

    There is a Socialist party in America. Anyone read the ballot? I’m assuming that the propaganda communist bullshit hit home in people who believe America should be communist and the guy was cheering because he really believed it.


    It was joke on how stupid Republicans are for thinking Obama was really a communist. The punchline is that a “communist” won the election for the President of a Democratic Nation. Come’on it’s hilarious people even think that.

  24. ghostfish says:

    Why not, he was pledging allegience to his leader. We all saw the cult of personality videos of the mush brain children singing praises to yomama. We all saw the teens dressed in fatigues marching in lockstep, saluting yomama. All of you ACORN freaks who stood there creaming your jeans at the party tuesday night may want to and may well call him your president, to me he is and will be the cheap street thug who strong-armed a nation and hi-jacked the electoral process. Enjoy your leader.

  25. why does the sun go on shinning
    why does this heart of my break
    don’t say noooooo its the end of the world
    it ended when bush said good b y y yyyyyyyyyye

    why did a two yr old swear?????
    why did that man just fart
    don’t say noooo its the end of the world
    it ended when bush said b bbbb b eye

    why did the principle sayyyyyy
    no running in the halls???
    yet some kid ran in the halls what does this mean to youu u uu???

    why did the bus go on driving
    why didn’t he see me run
    why did that car honk and scare me – it must be a communist plot.

    the world is full of questions – keep asking some one loves you some where.

  26. BB Blues says:

    Maybe it was the last flag in the shop.

  27. eir says:

    OMG….it MUST have been a conservative plant.
    gimme a break, he was a stupid college kid who thinks that it was cool. the crowd should have beat his whiny ass and burned THAT flag!!!

  28. Because the true rulers of this planet are communists and Obama is there puppet.

    (Masion in control)



    (Media illusion)

  29. Sophie says:

    Obama’s campaign workers had Che Guevara flags in their offices at the beginning of Obama’s campaign. This is just more of the obvious we’ve been seeing for a year.

    – And surprise, they removed the video you linked to. I’ve noticed a lot of things disappearing from the Internet for a year once you link to them like Odinga’s contract with the Muslim group. They just …disappear.

  30. Equalizer says:

    a quote by andy mcclusky from omd

    it doesn’t matter if your black or white or which god you choose to pray to,
    it doesn’t matter about the clothes you wear of which creator made you,
    we all bleed the same blood,
    we all need the same blood,
    we are all universal

  31. truth seeker says:

    what party do you think he represents moron. He is slightly left of Fidel Castro

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