Who thinks Falco sound like Crowded house or Men at Work?

November 29, 2009 7 Comments
crowded house
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7 Comments to “Who thinks Falco sound like Crowded house or Men at Work?”
  1. wigginsray says:

    Maybe Crowded house. I love Falco’s earlier stuff (before Amadeus)

  2. WoW! i haven’t thought about those guys since 1987 LoL

  3. There was the whole synth pop craze back in the 80s so I imagine they would sound the same.

  4. kit walker says:

    “Der Kommissar” is in town and told me “Nie!” to both.

  5. chrissy says:

    Falco is one of the best singers ever.He was from Austria,.It is a shame,that he had to die so young.My favoured songs of Falco are “Out of the dark”and “Jeanny.It was amazing,the way he put the geman and english language together.
    This is Jeanny.
    This musicclip was not alowed in Austria.

  6. BoosGrammy says:

    ah, no….not even close!

  7. heywood J says:

    They all sound like garbage!!

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