White Rock Music Guys, What type of black girls do you like?

August 4, 2007 8 Comments
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SpecialHeart<3 asked:

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8 Comments to “White Rock Music Guys, What type of black girls do you like?”
  1. Ming says:

    I think it depends on the individual!

  2. LexDiamonds says:

    if you wanna limit yourself to White people, what makes you think they aint doin the same ting?

  3. A white guy??? I won’t judge….

  4. K says:

    they go for black girls who “look” like there into white guys.. dress preppy.. hang out with white girls mainly.. or guys.. flirt with the guys.. date them.. then the rest will see your intrested in white guys.

  5. “I am not ghetto and am tall, and intelligent.”

    Somebody get this girl a cookie!

  6. Luisa says:

    They like the punk rock type like fefe dobson even though she’s mixed, but anyway they like that too because most don’t want someone too far from white. Now europeans are another story…

  7. the kind who is who she is and doesn’t try to be something else.

  8. jaysunproxie says:

    well back in the day i started with female and just moved from there (i never had a notion of whom i was after i just knew that she was a woman), i was never one to limit my options

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