Which type of stick is best to use for rock music?

June 6, 2007 1 Comment
rock music
ducedropper asked:

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  1. semalfni3.0 says:

    Which brand is the best is debatable, but I like Pro-Mark, Vic Firth, and Regal Tip. Each brand will have a lot of different models to choose from, but for rock these are a good starting point…..

    Vic Firth American Classic – 5A or 5B
    Regal Tip- Hickory Ping or Rock Series
    Pro-Mark – American Hickory 5A or 5B or 747

    Again, these are just suggestions to try, but do try out a variety to find one type that fits you the best (weight, length, overall feel and sound).

    Also, I’m suggesting 5A and 5B because that size is kind of in the middle, you may like larger ones or smaller, try them all, it’s your preference.

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