Where, other than California, is there a strong rock music scene?

August 19, 2007 12 Comments
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Chicago Michele asked:

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12 Comments to “Where, other than California, is there a strong rock music scene?”
  1. Claire Z. says:

    Chicago has ‘Lucky Boys Confusion’
    I love them!

  2. Talas43 says:

    Spokane, WA is the indie music capital of the world. Other than that, I can think of NY and Detroit. Tons of bands got their starts there.

  3. downtown manhattan and brooklyn have good punk scenes. ever heard of ‘crack rock?’
    check out
    Choking Victim
    Leftover Crack
    Star F*cking Hipsters
    Morning Glory

  4. drcarrie says:

    get yourself to any beach area….west or east….cool people here….and check out the concerts…meet people there….

  5. pvtpyro says:

    Detroit, Chicago, NY just the few I know

  6. Ethan C says:

    Here in MN and SD rock and metal don’t seem to be real huge. But there is actually a really big following. Granted the weather is probably worse and there isnt much to do. I’d say there is likely a scene for it in every big city. Texas is into it (Pantera came from Texas, as did John Moyer from Disurbed, which started in Chicago).

  7. Just a Girl says:

    I’d say Seattle, WA…or anywhere else around that area. It seems to fit all of your expectations other than the great weather part.

  8. If you truly loved metal, you wouldn’t consider it a ‘scene’

  9. Micky says:

    1. San Francisco is cold. Just because it’s in California doesn’t mean it’s warm and sunny.

    2. Minneapolis, Minnesota. A lot of the people there are really cool, and there’s a lot of underground punk/pop bands in the underground there. Admittedly, there are a lot of fat and drunk people there, but there’s fat and drunk people everywhere, including California.

    3. :D I love that you mention California as having a strong rock scene. It’s true.

  10. ..There’s a great metal scene here?

    well, in Orange County, maybe. Not Hollywood/LA anymore, I don’t think. (note that I don’t count pop punk as anything though)

    San Fran’s awesome though. I wanna move there. But it’s pretty cold compared to LA.

    Anyway, Detroit? Weather might not be so good there, though. But if they’ve still got a great rock scene, well, that’s where all my favorite music came from. Well..a lot of it.

    New York City, or maybe Brooklyn? There’s some amazing stuff all around New York, just people playing on the street or in the subway area.

    There are cool people everywhere. :3.

  11. Why don’t you cross the river and come on over to St. Louis?
    Now, our weather is just slightly better than yours lol(it’s usually only cold for a couple months) , but believe it or not there’s a huge metal following over here. Those are the only freaking concerts there are around here anymore. Not literally, but I’d say 75% of the local bands are metal. My friends band (psychedelic) has been in a few battle of the bands and every time, out of 20 bands, there’s only like 2 or 3 that aren’t metal.

    - Love and Peace -

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