Where Can I Train My Breakdancing And What Are The Requirements For Breakdancing?

February 27, 2010 3 Comments
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Joey asked:

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3 Comments to “Where Can I Train My Breakdancing And What Are The Requirements For Breakdancing?”
  1. ibdastevie says:

    Break dancers learn from watching others, and imitating, then elaborating on it, and making up their own thing. Rent old break dance movies from the 80s. They may only be on VHS tapes. Surf youtube and try to imitate everything you like. My favorite is
    The only other equipment you need besides a Stereo is a big piece of cardboard, and a full length mirror. Oh and if you wear a hoodie, you will avoid road burn of the face(LOL)

  2. First of all, you should call it by its real name ‘bboying’ and not ‘breakdancing’.

    I’m a b-girl so take it from me what I’m about to say.

    If you learn from videos, youtube etc. that ain’t good. Try and find some bboys in your local area – I live in Sydney so there’s heaps! Go to classes and learn from ACTUAL bboys. That way if you have problems, there’ll be someone spotting you and they’ll be able to tell you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

    There’s really no requirements.. people think you have to be fit and strong to be a bboy but you’ll become fitter and stronger as you keep dancing. Start off with FUNDAMENTALS. 6 step, 3 step, toprock etc. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up because you’ll need to know the names of moves. You should wear some protection like knee pads and dance on a smooth service so it’s easier. MAKE SURE YOU’RE ON BEAT – or you’re not dancing.

    Make sure you’re dancing for the right reasons – dance to express, not to impress :)
    Bboying takes A LOT of dedication and commitment. Even the simplest moves can take days, weeks, months or even years to get down but trust me it’ll be worth it.

    Go to bboy.org if you want to meet some bboys/bgirls from all around the world and post comments if you want help etc. my account is

    Good luck.

  3. Ant J says:

    OMG b-girl for life FTW
    I completely agree with just about everything….except for the videos part. I believe youtube is a great resource to learn different variations of the basics and with all the footage of battles I think it’s good for influencing people (as long as your not BITING). But for bboying I do recommend learning the basics by having someone show you since there are people on youtube that teach incorrectly which I think its why bgirl for life has a problem with videos and videos give you no feedback which I think a camera and joining a forum can fix.

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