where can i find updates on rock music bands?

November 21, 2007 3 Comments
rock music
pRiNcEsS AbBy asked:

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3 Comments to “where can i find updates on rock music bands?”
  1. Hazimov says:

    Facebook is pretty good for that now, join the fan groups for the band you like and they all seem to have teams dedicated to managing their group – you even get to see videos on there first and all sorts :)

  2. Jinxx says:

    Do you live in the UK? If you do, there’s a magazine that comes out every Wednesday called Kerrang! and it’s a TV channel and radio station too on 105.20.
    This is their website:

  3. Add them to your Myspace. They post bulletins for just about anything, and it’s not as jumbled as Facebook. (But that’s because I’ve never liked Facebook, so I’m a little biased XD)

    Anyway, I keep way up to date with bands on a daily basis and it’s easy. So. Yah.

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