When did Rolling Stone change from a rock music publication to a pop music publication?

October 6, 2006 3 Comments
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Luke808666 asked:

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3 Comments to “When did Rolling Stone change from a rock music publication to a pop music publication?”
  1. Superbeast says:

    Most media has gone Pop, and that’s why I don’t pay attention to it anymore. Most of the radio stations around here used to play a lot of good rock (new and old), but now they just play Girly stuff, so I don’t bother with the radio anymore (and that’s just fine, I have tons of cd’s and a hard drive packed with Commercial free music).

  2. sugaree says:


    come on…a “rock music publication” that said led zeppelin sucked back in the early 70′s wasn’t a rock music publication. rolling stone magazine was never all underground as they would have everyone believe.

  3. April 29th 1971, when they put effing Michael Jackson on the cover in the same week that The Kinks, Little Feat, The Faces, Jesse Ed Davis, Crazy Horse, Rita Coolidge, and Ry Cooder all had new LP releases.

    *Sugaree has a good point. RS was never truly counter-culture. Any magazine that had the Beatles on the cover at least 5 times a year back in the day wasn’t exactly trying to buck any trends.

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