Whats your favourite song/s by Crowded house?

April 23, 2009 29 Comments
crowded house
?? abbie Kate ?? asked:

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29 Comments to “Whats your favourite song/s by Crowded house?”
  1. shawden says:

    Weather with you, I love this song turned up loud whilst i am driving makes me feel happy

  2. don’t dream it’s over.

  3. ***Don’t Dream It’s Over***

  4. Fall at your feet

    BQ: Fat Betty a Thin Lizzy tribute band

  5. I only like one and thats Distant sun

  6. I have seen this band perform more than any other band. I love them so much.. getting ready to leave for work now but would love to share 10 of my favorite Crowded songs!
    Recurring Dream
    I Feel Possesed
    World Where You Live
    Nobody Wants To
    As Sure As I Am
    In The Lowlands
    Pour Le Mond
    Black and White Boy
    All I Ask+%281999+Digital+Remaster%29
    I Love You Dawn+%281999+Digital+Remaster%29
    Time Immemorial

    people gave such amazing answers, i’m so happy to see so much crowded love in R&P.. so i wanted to pick 10 different songs in addition to all the wonderful songs posted here
    I hope you all enjoy!!

  7. Abby Normal says:

    Have to go with Something so Strong…

  8. Sacha says:

    Pineapple Head
    Chocolate Cake
    Fall At Your Feet

  9. wolfkiss says:

    Don’t Dream It’s Over

  10. vtd288 says:

    Better Be Home Soon
    Something So Strong
    Now We’re Getting Somewhere
    Chocolate Cake

  11. something so strong and don’t dream it’s over

  12. Pauly says:

    Don’t Dream.

  13. Better Be Home Soon
    Into Temptation

  14. Mark says:

    Don’t Dream It’s Over has to be my favourite

  15. BoosGrammy says:

    Don’t Dream Its Over

  16. Star Fairy says:

    don’t dream it’s over.

  17. CandiceC. says:

    hey now hey now…..thats all i gotta say.
    I love this song..evaaaaaagreeeen to me!

  18. Scarlett ? says:

    oh hello.
    my favourite band of all time :]

    I love all there songs.. but I’ll name some :)

    Fingers of Love Amazing concert, too!

    Now We’re Getting Somewhere

    Private Universe

    Distant Sun

    Nails In My Feet

    Pineapple Head

    Something So Strong

    & Hole In The River, Four Seasons In One Day, Mean To Me… Honestly.. I could go on forever until I have mentioned every song.. :)

    BQ: I actually haven’t listen to any tribute band..

    /edit: Punch!!! You have seen them live. Aaaaaaah I am jelous. :P Would LOVE to see them live one day. :)

  19. misty-dawn says:

    Weather With You gets my vote.

    The Three Degrees tribute band (they were awful)

  20. Debbie says:

    Private universe
    Help is coming
    Together alone
    Fingers of love
    Better be home soon
    Four seasons in one day
    Dont dream its over
    Fall at your feet
    Pour le monde
    A sigh
    Nails in my feet
    Kare Kare
    Recurring dream
    Anyone can tell
    Not the girl you think you are

    As you can see, I love Crowded House…

  21. Brandon says:

    Sorry..but I haven’t heard of them.
    my favorites band is lynyrd skynynrd

  22. Emissary says:

    Thanks for the link. I’d not heard of this band, but I liked it and added the first song in the link to one of my playlists. The only tribute band that I can think of right off hand is Blues Traveler who sing a lot of late 60s and early 70s tunes mostly from the Beatles or Moody Blues.

  23. makwa1963 says:

    I’m fond of Better Be Home Soon and Don’t Dream It’s Over.:) Good Q. aBBieKate.

  24. Michealla says:

    for me ‘ its only natural ‘ and ‘ fall at your feet’

  25. Big Dog D says:

    your choices are good hon. I have NEVER seen a tribute band, although there is a few that come around locally that i would like to see.

  26. Mogsy says:

    I Feel Possessed, , Better Be Home Soon – In fact all of Recurring Dream!

  27. Been There says:


  28. iDemon© says:

    The drummer handed himself in Melbourne 2 years ago I think

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