What’s the difference between rock band 2 for the wii, xbox360 and ps3?

August 22, 2005 1 Comment
Claire asked:

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One Comments to “What’s the difference between rock band 2 for the wii, xbox360 and ps3?”
  1. Allen L says:

    Well lets see.

    For the WIi, you are limited in many ways. There is no DLC, and the playing screen is fuzzy. There is also a slight lag that occurs during random parts of the song. There is also no online mode, which really upsets may Nintendo fans. And the odd thing is that the Wii remote is not included at all!

    In my opinion, the Xbox 360 is the best console to play rb2 on. It has a wide Selection of DLC, and has an awesome online band world tour mode. (Not available for the Wii or PS2 versions) I also like the fact that the graphics are much higher quality.

    The PS3 is about the same as the 360, good DLC and stunning graphics. I have never played this version, so I can’t elaborate that well about some of it’s features.

    I hope this helps!

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