What’s the best way to ask neighbors to move their boat off our private street so we can sell our house?

August 12, 2009 8 Comments
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Fartbuster asked:

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8 Comments to “What’s the best way to ask neighbors to move their boat off our private street so we can sell our house?”
  1. lalisalaloca says:

    kindly ask the neighbor to put his boat away until you sell say that the agency has had complaints that this is the reason why so many “POTENTIAL” buyers have refused to see the property closer and that you would greatly appreciate his participation in helping you guys to move

  2. spitly says:

    First of all are you gonna provide a place for them to park their boat? That is their street as well. Your house is not going to sell because of your house not the neighbors boat.

  3. jd says:

    “Hi there! We’re having an Open House this weekend. Would it be possible for you to move your boat for awhile…you know, just until we can get some serious bids on the house?”

    That’s not an unreasonable request and since you all get along, it should not be a problem. Bribe them with some goodies from the Open House.

  4. nikkij says:

    If that is the way the street usually looks, then it’s best to let the potential buyer see what they are in for. The buyer has a right to know in advance the type of neighborhood they will be moving into. Sorry this is affecting the sale of your home. Since you have good communication with your neighbors, perhaps you can speak with them, explain the problem and have them park their trucks and the boat in their driveways. Good luck.

  5. sparkydula says:

    Chat with them. rely on your “getting along” to get you through. Explain to them about selling/wanting to get a decent price for the house (especially with this market), and that you are able to present a nicer, friendlier, cleaner, secure etc. area if items in/around the area are tidy.

    Also maybe involve them by asking them how does the house look (in their point of veiw, and what things can be done from your side)…sorry this is all i can think of.

    Most neighbors are willing to cooperate…but are also scared about who may be moving in/looking around. Good Luck!

  6. Ask them nicely and explain why, and if that doesn’t work, call your local police dept and ask them who to contact, they will usually have someone who will tow away the vehicles if they block the street.

  7. Charles G says:

    I skimmed through everyone else’s response…. if you really want to know how to get them to move it…. Only way I can think of is to offer to pay for marina fees or storage fees… Go down (or up) the street and ask your neighbor if they are planning on taking the boat out on the weekend…. Say “Hey you taking your boat out for a spin on the lake?” When greeted by a hearty “No!” simply slip into the conversation and strike a deal. Offer to house the boat in a secure location free of charge… Explain that potential buyers may seem less reluctant to buy your property if they see a large boat that would restrict movement in your already cramped environment.
    On a side note just get them to make the decision for themselves. If not I might know a few crackheads that could take it out on the weekend of your open house…. no boat no problem….. but having police there wouldn’t look any more appealing. I say deal with it or forget it… If your prospective buyers sense that you have a problem with the neighbors it could sour a potential buyer into looking elsewhere…. Good Luck and don’t do anything illegal. It was merely a sad attempt at witty sarcasm.

  8. grannywinkie says:

    Tell them that you are going through menopause and will kick their boomba if they do not move it.
    I had to chuckle at your answer to hot granny. I have not had a period in twenty years. This is actually due to steroid injections and cortisone shots. Thanks for your advice.

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