Whatever happened to the band Crowded House?

October 30, 2008 4 Comments
crowded house
rashonsnatch asked:

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4 Comments to “Whatever happened to the band Crowded House?”
  1. Kimmie says:

    heck yeah they did…they were awesome….but pretty much all music from the 80s is great…i love 80s!

  2. p_stanleyrox says:

    Don’t know what happened to them, but if you like that type of music, check out Einstein’s Sister. based out of Moline, Illinois, they have that bubblegum pop sound to them. I think they are on yummy pop records. Just do a google search and you should find their records.

  3. I?him says:

    Crowded House was great. 80s music is awesome, i will have to agree.

  4. crazylarry88 says:

    Crowded House is no longer, however their songs live on in many ways. Crowded House comprised Neil Finn (NZ) along with Paul Hester (Aus) & Nick Seymour (Aus), along with various other members along the way (including, Mitchell Froom, Tim Finn & Mark Hart). On Friday 25th March, 2005, Paul Hester was last seen taking his dogs for a walk in Elsternwick Park in Melbourne. Paul’s body was found on Saturday 26th. A greatly loved & respected icon of the Australian Music industry is dead. Paul leaves behind 2 young daughters.

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