What would the world of rock music be like if Led Zeppelin stayed together longer?

July 18, 2007 5 Comments
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Puppy808 asked:

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5 Comments to “What would the world of rock music be like if Led Zeppelin stayed together longer?”
  1. Erowid! says:

    im glad they broke up while they did, it wouldnt be the same without John Bonham

  2. They would’ve became ‘polished’ in the mid-to-late 80s in the same way Aerosmith became. imho

  3. Bane says:

    I respect their choice for calling it a day after John Bonham passed.
    They wouldnt sound or be Led Zeppelin without him.

    If that didnt happen…..There would be a lot more Zeppelin albums but I think they provided enough inspiration and influence to rock music anyway so it would have probably sounded the same really.

  4. Da Joker says:

    I like how Led Zeppelin didn’t have a whole lot of albums. Similar to the Beatles, I think their limited time made them even more influential then if they were to keep their career going through out the course of many decades, such as bands like the Rolling Stones or Aerosmith. Their albums feel more elite, like it seems people release a bunch of albums very quickly, but don’t spend a lot of time focusing on the music, and Led Zeppelin really focused on their music, which is why all of their albums are legendary.

  5. mangafreak0 says:

    Assuming John Bonham still died-They probably would have made a few more albums, but Jimmy Page would have continued to do heroin and would eventually overdose and die in the mid 80′s. Then the band would probably release an album like Coda (like they did after Bonzo died), or Robert Plant would take over as leader, find a new guitar, make one more album but it would go unnoticed amongst the general public.

    Assuming John Bonham didn’t die-Honestly, I think that music today would be much better. It would be much less commercial sounding.

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