What would rock music sound like without bass guitar?

February 4, 2006 7 Comments
rock music

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7 Comments to “What would rock music sound like without bass guitar?”
  1. Rock Music Would Sound Horrible without Bass guitar listen to my fav song!
    Try to listen of how much the bass guitar is used!

  2. Wego The Dog says:

    It’s what surreptitiously drives the rock sound. Its not supposed to dominate, in most works, but what everyone else follows. Whether its jazz, rock, R&B, or whatever.

  3. Mike M. says:

    It really provides support for the whole song in most rock groups. It really depends though, b/c some bands like Red hot chili peppers rely heavily on bass where many others just support the main riff. Some bands it would be VERY noticeable if there was no bass, and with other bands it wouldn’t sound all that different… maybe just a bit less full.

    There are bands that don’t have bassists though… I don’t really care for them, but the White Stripes are just guitar, drums, and vocals.

  4. Mister R says:


    like this band

  5. Chris says:

    It would sound very empty without bass.
    It is hard to notice sometimes, but you would definitely notice if it wasn’t there. Especially if the guitarist goes into the solo, and there’s no other guitarist, without bass, all you would hear is drums and the solo.
    I guess you could replace bass with rhythm guitar, but when the bass is loud, you can just feel the beat vibrating.

  6. Stabwound says:

    Without bass guitars = no bass solos.
    No bass solos = boring.

  7. well as a bass player…(cough)

    we keep everything togethor like in most music

    i was kind of insullted… but not that much so its ok….

    but there would be a diference and that would be in the musicions that are listening to it, they would here it and thats because their ears are trained to hear more than you or anyother person hears… like whos out of tune… what instruments are playing…etc.

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