What would happen in a hypothetical rock and roll apocalypse such as this?

July 8, 2005 11 Comments
pull your punches asked:

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11 Comments to “What would happen in a hypothetical rock and roll apocalypse such as this?”
  1. MEEP! says:

    D) I believe it would rise rock to its highest plateau ever and bring all rockers of all genres together for a massive killing of trends and pop music!!!

  2. i would have to say c because i know i would die if i didn’t have rock so i would continue to listen to keep it alive

  3. C. And I would keep it going by teaching my daughter about rock music and she could pass it on to her friends.

    But you know a lot of good musicians are already dead and their fans still keep their music alive.

  4. D. They will rise again. Stronger and more powerful than ever! With new material, obviously.

    No I go with B. that would suck though, eh.

  5. John K says:

    B alot of future bands that are kids in garages right now

  6. gho5t90 says:

    I’m thinkin of the end of the Spongebob movie. When he started playin the hell out of his guitar and freed all the people of Bikini Bottom from Plankton thru the power of rock.

    Yeah somethin like that

  7. [shred] says:

    Hey Hun! Nice to see you

    Crap music would rule the world and it would suck? that is already happening in a sense with the mainstream just look at overrated bands like Coldplay and Metallica

    over all B would prob happen we would mourn for our fallen soldiers and the underground metal scene would take over

  8. If you only listen to the radio, you might conclude that Rock is already dead.

    I am mourning it.

    I am starting the revolution.

    I am underground.

    join me.

  9. D. I think rock and roll would suddenly explode. Imagine the amount of legacy building that would happen in one day. The number of album re-issues would EXPLODE.

    I mean look at people like Kurt Cobain, sure they had sucess alive, but dead they’ve obtained pretty much social-deification. Imagine that effect several times over…..

  10. prof. Ali says:

    rock died years ago. Hip hop has killed all other music

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