What was the worst match of the night at a house show you went to?

November 5, 2009 13 Comments
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Tony Schiavone asked:

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13 Comments to “What was the worst match of the night at a house show you went to?”
  1. sam says:

    not if my parents were there lol 4 r truth but no never been to a house show

  2. Keith says:

    last time I was at a live show was in 2007 and I can’t really recall the matches. can’t remember the last time I was at an untelevised show
    BQ: naw I wouldn’t. R-Truth is cool in my book

  3. Rajesh says:

    The latest worst house show match was between Mark henry vs cody rhodes. There was no reaction from the crowd at all.. That was really a disgusting moment.

    And R-Truth come-on now.. Thats ridiculous.. You cant do that..

  4. It was last December at a Smackdown house show, it was a steel cage match between Undertaker and Big Show. People popped for Undertaker’s entrance, but during the match a boring chant broke out, and most of the crowd started leaving. I stayed for the whole match, but it was boring and very bland and only lasted like five minutes. Took longer to assemble the cage than the match lasted. That was easily the worst match I have seen live.

    BQ: No, I wouldn’t say that, but at the same house show I mentioned before, when R-Truth came out for his triple threat match for the US Championship against Gregory Helms and Shelton Benjamin(C) some kid when he had the microphone put in front of him yelled “Nothings up” instead of What’s up, was pretty funny.

  5. Brandon says:

    I’ve only been to one live house show and that was in Aiken SC back in July, coming out of the show i would have to say the worst match was a divas tag match between Mickie (who was still on RAW), and Kelly Kelly vs Layla and Beth Phoenix. The match was so dull that most people took off to the stands or bathrooms. (half the building left during the match to go do other stuff)

    BQ = That would really be funny, of course i wouldn’t get myself thrown out of the building if someone dared me to do it. If i payed good money to watch it and i’m actually staring in the face of a WWE wrestler i seriously wouldn’t blow it with something stupid like that. Of course it would be hilarious, but being tossed out would just suck.

  6. There’s only one house show I’ve been to and that was for the WWF at Arrowhead Pond. It was about 1995 or 1996 because I remember seeing the Headshrinkers, Diesel, Razor, Shawn, Double J and many others. I can’t remember the matches, but I can only assume Double J’s match was the worst match of the night. It sucks that I can’t recall any of that. The only thing I remember was getting my own Intercontinental Championship (brown straps) from one of the stands.

    I wouldn’t do that because I have too much respect for most superstars. Besides, I wouldn’t want to risk getting kicked out of the arena because that would be a waste of money. Maybe if I was in a bad mood where my temper gets the best of me, then sure. Most likely I won’t even think about doing that, but it would crack a laugh in me if that were to happen. I think I’d actually bust out laughing if someone dissed him replied with “What your career could of been without this horrible gimmick.”.

  7. From the show I went to in August of this year, the worst match was probably Kozlov vs. Jimmy Wang Yang. Although, CM Punk vs. John Morrison got some boring chants for reasons beyond my understanding.

    BQ: No, I wouldn’t want to anyway. I’d say WHAT’S UP!

  8. Tony says:

    papa shango vs bushwhacker luke ~ 1993 ~ it was fookin’ shite!!!

  9. [ndc]new kid says:

    umm worst match was a world title match i think it was Kennedy vs batista completely borring ending up with batista bomb…. no one cared when he won all the other matches were great tho…
    bq:hahaha no i wouldnt have the gusts
    id rather punch that annoying idiot

  10. ASK HIM says:

    Big Show vs Great Khali. What a shocker huh…

    BQ: Probaly not F you, but I would proabably say “Not Much” or “The Sky”

  11. Well, I was at a WWE RAW/ECW house show earlier this year, and the worst match of the night by far was Mark Henry vs. Tommy Dreamer.

    Now, what you have to remember is that because they have no television commitments to adhere to, house shows run at standard PPV length, three hours. Therefore, they run more matches that last longer than what we normally see on T.V. Well, in the case of Henry vs. Dreamer, that was a bad, bad thing. It was back when Henry was still a heel, and all he did for 12 minutes was beat the crap out of dreamer. Dreamer got in, literally, zero offense whatsoever. It was basically a prolonged squash match. I’d have to say that the low point of the match, or maybe lowest would be a more accuate description, came at the end when Henry went to pick up Dreamer for the “World’s strongest slam” and he dropped him. Not kidding. He honestly got him into slam position and then I guess Dreamer slipped or something because he fell over. Then they both kind of looked at each other and then Henry picked him up again and hit the move. It was brutal. Pretty painful to watch.

    After the match Henry launched back into character, but he didn’t get much of a reaction. He just scowled at the crowd, but it was pretty much crickets when he walked out. Not good.

    BQ: Haha, not a chance. First and foremost, I’d get kicked out of the arena right away and probably never allowed back. Plus, I actually like R-Truth so that’d be no good. And lastly, and I know this will sound corny, I just don’t really swear all that often. When I do, I’m pretty concious of if there are kids or women around and if so, I try to keep a clean mouth.

  12. Around Last Year I went to a RAW House Show. And the Worst match was Trevor Murdoch vs Lance Cade. I mean when boths guys came out absolutely nobody was excited. I looked around and people were leaving. No one cheered for either guy or the match itself. Eventually some people started booing. I mean the crowds reaction to this match was just awful.


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