What song are you currently listening to?

March 10, 2010 24 Comments
crowded house
Mari C asked:

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24 Comments to “What song are you currently listening to?”
  1. *hangs head in shame*

  2. I’m actually not listening to a song right now, the tv is on.

  3. Kezia D says:

    cover me by 1503

  4. sbsms_5 says:

    CUT MY WINGS by seasick steve

  5. i got by three 6 mafia, the instrumental though

  6. “Homecoming” by Misery Signals

  7. Sweet Child O’ mine.. by Guns N’ roses..

  8. Cyber Ninja says:

    The Times They Are A-Changin by Bob Dylan

  9. blame it
    by akon ft some people

  10. Paravana says:

    Blew – Nirvana

  11. ?Penny Lane? says:

    i’m not listening to a song…..i’m watching ‘mad man’.

  12. Waves – DJ Satomi.

    Here comes thumbs down I bet :D

  13. Kira says:

    I love the 80 I wish I was born then

  14. Vance says:

    dancing in the moonlight – toploader

  15. ?ana? says:

    rio- duran duran..


  16. :) says:

    The Climb by Miley Cyrus

  17. i wish (remix: to all the homies we lost)) by R Kelly.

  18. recieving end of it all – streetlight manifesto.
    fuck yeah

  19. Sodapop says:

    By The Used

  20. “hold me now” by the thompson twins

  21. lillian says:

    fortress by pinback

  22. Bumble says:


    +At The Ends Of
    The Rest Period+

    This was the
    group’s final song
    A tribute to the fans
    This page will give you
    both the romaji
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