What rock song should my band and I play at out high school talent show?

October 18, 2005 10 Comments
automan asked:

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10 Comments to “What rock song should my band and I play at out high school talent show?”
  1. VillaC says:

    People are strange – The Doors
    Welcome to the Jungle – Guns n Roses
    Stair Way to Heaven – Led Zepplin

  2. Kino says:

    I Fought the Law by Green Day.

    Their cover is the best, energetic, fun and easy.

    I did it for my high school’s spirit week and it was great.

    Listen to the track to learn it, especially the solo. Their live version is a lot faster:

  3. Aiden says:

    La Grange – ZZ Top

  4. This Guy! says:

    Led Zeppelin, in my experience, is everyone’s secret favorite band to hear covered at high school talent shows/battles of the bands. Moby Dick is a good instrumental that’ll give your drummer a chance to shine, but it’ll leave your singer and second guitarist out in the cold. Good Times, Bad Times is pretty fun. And, of course, there’s always Stairway to Heaven.

  5. wearygigapet says:

    Your own songs.
    Talented bands write their own songs.

  6. Defiently play Smells Like Teen Spirt by Nirvana. The song is even abiut a high school pep rally or prom or something.

  7. i fought the law by green day would be a great one, i definitely agree with kino :)

  8. how about bleed the freak by alice in chains? you would need a backup singer though, so if any of you guys can do that. i stay away would be great to play, too. you could also play plush by stone temple pilots or aerials by system of a down.

  9. cinnamon says:

    paramore ^^ like:
    -brick by boring brick
    -playing god
    -misery buisness
    -and other paramore songs depending what kind of rock song you want to sing

    green day ^^ like:
    -boulevard of broken dreams
    -east jesus nowhere
    -and also other green day songs … depending if you are allowed to curse in da songs

    three days grace ^^ like:
    -i hate everything about you
    -and other three days grace songs depending on what kind of songs you could sing

    these are some ideas … and i also think if your band has your own song you guys should sing it

  10. Steve f says:

    Twice as Hard. Everyone loves a little Black Crowes, the parents, the kids, they’ll all be doin’ the bop.

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