what rock music should i play at party tonight?

February 2, 2006 4 Comments
rock music
beautiful_nightmare_psychosis asked:

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4 Comments to “what rock music should i play at party tonight?”
  1. Kings of Leon – Charmer
    Sparta – Taking Back Control
    The Black Keys – Grown So Ugly
    The Strokes – What Ever Happened?
    Kings of Leon – Taper Jean Girl
    My Chemical Romance – Teenagers
    A Perfect Circle – Passive (Strange, I know)

  2. Eleanna A says:

    You can try some Echo And The Bunnymen,Nirvana,Pixies,Nine Inch Nails,The Cure(I’ve noticed the popularity of certain Cure songs amongst people who are anything but fans of rock music),A Perfect Circle,Ramones,The Clash-alternative rock appeals a lot more to general taste-songs like What I lIke about you by the Ramones or Should I stay or should I go by The Clash are tracks pretty much everybody likes.

  3. hi free-bird Leonard skynerd styx the grand illusion, santana black magic women

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