What rock is the most interesting rock i can do research project on?

September 13, 2005 4 Comments
KittyKatt! asked:

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4 Comments to “What rock is the most interesting rock i can do research project on?”
  1. J T says:

    How about coral. Living rock. Personally I would say its most interesting

  2. Igneous…pegmatite or granite (has a variety of minerals that you could talk about)

    Sedimentary…coquina or limestone (organic stuff)

    Metamorphic..schist (um sparkly lol) or coal is fun too

    Minerals (which i personally find more interesting)…tourmalines, corundums, ULEXITE, malachite, talc

    Good Luck!

  3. What about diamonds….interesting….girl’s best friend…not everyone knows about them.
    Or…limestone….it is interesting…contains lots of fossils…and around here there is lots of it and used in housing and landscaping.

  4. Jenny S says:

    Try garnet schist. This is one of the most beautiful and interesting rocks, with an interesting mode of formation. Any of the high grade metamorphic rocks, such as schists, gneisses and migmatites are very interesting. See the links below.

    Alternatively try accretionary lapilli tuff. This is a rock which was erupted from an ash cloud and some of the ash nucleated about other ash fragments due to moisture in the air. The rock is very interesting in appearance and unique in its formation. Links below.

    Bioclastic limestone is well worth considering. There are several different types of limestone, but this one is composed of fossil fragments, and represents a unique source and depositional environment. They contain interesting fossils and can form limestone caves.

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