What radio stations play nothing but heavy metal and rock music?

April 10, 2006 7 Comments
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lildevil13 asked:

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7 Comments to “What radio stations play nothing but heavy metal and rock music?”
  1. depends on where you live

    try tunning into 89.5

  2. Honestly, there aren’t very many radio stations (at least, where I live), that play good hard rock and metal. Just tell your parents to quit treating you like a four year old and buy the CDs with your own money.

  3. Amanda says:

    depends on where you live,

    near flint,mi its 101.5

  4. dylan n says:

    you have a computer, use it, You can either download or youtube it.

  5. Ashley D says:

    that largly depends where you live…

    im in wisconsin and there is a station called WJJO that comes out of madison. their website is. you can listen online, its right near the top of their page somewhere.

    im listening online right now because the city im in is too far away from madison to pick it up.

    they have a pretty good mix of old and new, and lighter stuff to super heavy

  6. Meshuggah says:

    use Internet radio…just connect your sound system to your computer and play away only the stuff you want:


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