What is wrong with An African American liking Rock Music?

August 24, 2007 21 Comments
rock music
Shay asked:

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21 Comments to “What is wrong with An African American liking Rock Music?”
  1. John C says:

    If you only like jimmi hendrix, the temptations, and muddy waters, i dont see a problem.

  2. *********** says:

    You have good musical appreciation. That rap sh!t is just that..SH!T.

  3. I think you mean BLUES music. And don’t worry, that isn’t unusual. All black people listen to and play blues music.

  4. Yomama says:

    stick witchyour own music genre, we blacks didn’t go tru all the civil wars just to like white poeple music

  5. Shannon says:

    No listen to watever music you like there just being stupid…

  6. i don’t think there something wrong with that.
    they’re just ignorant , im not saying they’re ignorant cause theyre african americans im saying theyre ignorant because they think that way lol just makin’ it clear

  7. Rachel says:

    No, there’s nothing wrong with that.

  8. Lina says:

    Tell those kids at your school, that Lina, a Chinese, love this Jazz musics, and even I do not sing or read musics, but I love Nat King Cole, and Louis Armstrong….Believe it or not, even though I am a Chinese I hate Chinese movies (because too much fighting and nonsense), I don’t listen to their musics, and I like only 2-3 kind of Chinese food….So, this is nothing to do with skin color, but something to do with taste, and free will and choice….right?

  9. Nothing. Just ask Killswitch Engage and Sevendust.

    In highschool I would get teased by my friends for listening to Nirvana, Soundgarden and Aerosmith. But before long, I had my best friend at the time singing this song with me like everyday–2156853

    You just have to be yourself. I’m 32 now and I primarily listen to rock and i’ve rubbed off on those same friends who now listen to it too. I even influenced my youngest brother who’s 18. One trip to Cedar Point and he was hooked on rock music. My mother asked me what I did to him, but now she’s even listening to a little of it. Chris Daughtry is all really, but she used to listen to Hall & Oats, Foreigner back when I was a child so she actually forgot that she might have influenced me.

    Moral is to just do you and don’t give a damn about what people think.

  10. RiosBaby says:

    Absolutely nothing . Don’t let other people’s opinion’s effect your enjoyment of life .

  11. lalalala says:

    no i like rock music and im african american

  12. I love rock music. I was just at a U2 concert this year.

  13. honestly because we have the most racial tension in our country than in all the other of the world.

  14. ??_Misha_?? says:

    WTF is that guy talkng about, blues? Dumb azz…
    But hell no, theres nothing wrong with u liking rock. U like what u like! Tell every1 quit racial profiling!

  15. Alex C says:

    I am an Asian guy who likes heavy metal and hard rock. So how about that?

    Anyway, people shouldn’t be surprised since rock was created by black people during the 1950s.

  16. Ice 'em says:

    Nothing, just shows you have good taste in music.

  17. Anna says:

    no… but i think ppl just have stario types i like hip hop and rmb but u know that is me

  18. nothing at all. I prefer pop/rock music myself. :)

  19. There is nothing wrong with it, I see black dudes at AC/DC concerts all the time. There is something really primal about AC/DC’s Rock for everybody. Back in the 1980′s in Atlanta, GA. there was a really, really, great, black rock band called, “Mother’s Finest”. The only white person in the group was the lead guitarist. How about “Santana”, that rock band was mostly black/hispanic, I think the drummer and keyboard player were white.

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