what is the rock music scene like around boston massachusetts?

July 19, 2007 2 Comments
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Mariah G asked:

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2 Comments to “what is the rock music scene like around boston massachusetts?”
  1. Dalton K says:

    im not exactly sure seeing as i dont live there, but from what i understand is that boston has the best hardcore scene around…ive also heard that they have a decent amount of ska shows there…but dont quote me on that cuz like i said i dont live there

  2. Hi :)
    I’m not IN boston, but it’s like an hour away from me, so I know a pretty good amount about the city. There’s lots of great venues around (Paradise rock club, the Middle East, House of Blues…) and lots of bands come into nearby colleges as well. I’d assume there’s a great music scene within Berklee itself as well, considering it’s like one of the best music schools around. is very helpful with looking up shows and stuff, and you can usually just click on Boston, and it will list all the upcoming concerts in the area, both big and small ones.
    Hope I helped! :)

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