What is the percentage of Rock (including Metal) music in your music library?

October 10, 2006 34 Comments
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Rid of Me {hedzy} asked:

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34 Comments to “What is the percentage of Rock (including Metal) music in your music library?”
  1. M@ says:

    92%. I guess I’ve gotta a couple tracks from NWA

  2. Slash says:

    I think rock takes up 90% of my library the rest is filled up with parody lol

  3. Kayla says:

    95%, the other 5% is old school rap

  4. Rock represents about 75% of my collection of CDs, if you were to include my vinyl, it’s probably closer to 98%.

    Depends. If they are crappy speakers, I’ll use my headphones. If it’s a high end system, through the speakers.

    Def Leppard – Rock Brigade

  5. Probably over 95%. I don’t really listen to any other genres. I still have my embarrassing cds from the n sync days, lol. So, that might make up the other percentage.

    Personally, I like my music loud. I’m gonna have to say speakers! Hmm……that other question, I dunno cause I usually don’t pay attention to the length of the song.

  6. Vicky* says:

    Rock: 50%
    Pop: 30%
    Other: 20%
    (Only guesses….I’m probably way off, lol)

    BA: Through headphones …. I feel uncomfortable listening to music through speakers.

    BA2: I only have one – “You Don’t Know Me (feat. Regina Spektor)” by Ben Folds

  7. 100% :D

    Haha, nah. I’d say probablly about 80% of my music is Rock/Metal. The rest is old school Country, some hard Rap (haha, I know, right?), absolutely no R&B, Pop, and humurous music recorded by friends that has no definite genre.

    BA 1 – Speakers…at a live venue :)
    BA 2 – No clue, ha

  8. Metal 35%
    Prog 30%
    Classic Rock 15%
    Classical 5%
    Jazz Fusion 5%
    All other Genres 10%

    BA: Speakers
    BA2: No Earthly

  9. 100% i am 100% sure


    Dont feel like checking

  10. fru says:

    80% is rock. About 15% is electronic and 5% consists of rap.

    BQ: earphones because you can hear every little piece very well.
    BQ2: umm..haha ;)

  11. 70 percent?
    BQ: Earphones
    BQ2: I dunno

  12. I’m not sure, probably 67% or so? I’ve got a lot of pop, classical, instrumental soundtrack, Celtic and musical as well…not to mention Christmas songs.

    BQ: Speakers
    BQ2: I’m not sure. I’ll get back on that one.

  13. Laik 90%?

    The other 10% consists of the Peanuts holiday specials soundtrack (Jazz), Stevie Ray Vaughan (Blues… BS, I know it’s rock), and George Carlin & The Simpsons CDs (comedy).

    MA1: Earphones.
    MA2: Strange Days by The Doors (3:09, close enough)

  14. hmm probably like 88% of mine is metal… but it always depends on my mood. i have a pretty even amount of everything in my library. i can listen to anything.

  15. greenzob says:

    about 60% (including rock, punk, alternative, grunge)
    the other 40% would be ska, indie, techno, gypsy, folk.

    i like listening to music through speakers. good ones.
    and my favorite 3:08 song is “Hummingbird” by Born Ruffians.

  16. DemonSeed says:

    97.5 hours of metal. 10.8 hours of “rock” and 4.3 hours of rap.. then something called other has 5.9 hours, u do the math. lol
    BQ2-got bored lookin so its Wrathchild-Maiden at 3.06

  17. I’d say 98% of it is Rock or Metal. 1% Pop, 1% Rap/Other.

    BA: Speakers
    BA2: Situations by Escape the Fate

  18. 80% rock
    15% pop
    5% other

  19. Hmm…well in my itunes library I’d say that it contains about 98% Rock.

    BQ: speakers
    BQ2: not sure about that one!! lol..possibly “Paperback Writer” The Beatles

  20. jwleszcz says:

    I would think that my collection is probably around 60% – 15% – and 25% for other (some of the “other” could have been classified as rock when it came out but falls more in the “oldies” category).

    I would probably select head phones and not those ipod ear drop things. Otherwise I would choose speakers.

    Believe it or not I found 6 songs in my collection that are 3:08 long.
    My choice is Dirty Work by Steely Dan

  21. Exactly 76.6 percent of my 7048 songs are rock and it’s many sub-genres. Yes, I took the time to figure that out.

    BQ: Speakers. The quality’s always better.
    BQ2: Peek-a-boo by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

  22. Penny Lane says:

    95% rock
    the other 5% percent random crap.

    ba: depends on what in listening to & what my mood is.
    ba2: wow that’s specific! lets see……..another brick in the wall (part 1) ~ pink floyd is 3:08 minutes i think.


  23. speful says:

    5% punk/alt.
    90% heavy/gothic/metal
    4% comedy/pop/techno
    1% rap

    BQ:earphones when by myself, but speakers when with friendsXD

    BQ2:three days grace- just like you(3:08)
    escape the fate- situations(3:06)
    panic at the disco- i write sins not tragedies(3:06)
    secondhand serenade- fall for you(3:05)
    weezer-pork and beans(3:05)

  24. 65% Rock
    25% Classical
    5% Jazz
    5% Pop

    BQ: Speakers
    BQ2: Tentative Decisions- Talking Heads

  25. SBMan says:

    rock – 85%
    pop -10%
    other – 5%

  26. 60% rock
    20% pop
    10% techno
    10% everything else

    3:08 – Money Honey by Lady Gaga

  27. Probably about 75%
    Celtic = 15%
    The other 10% is a variety of 4 or 5 genres, such as Classical, Jazz, World, etc…

    BQ :
    If no one else is around, speakers.
    If I’m in my room at night, headphones

    BQ2 : I haven’t the slightest idea!

  28. Like 104.65%

    Ok I have lots of songs that are 3:07 and 3:09!!!!!!!!!!

  29. MusicFan44 says:

    Interesting question, hedzy…

    If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say:
    Rock & etc – 45%
    Classical – 20%
    Folk & acoustic music – 10%
    “World” music – 15%
    Jazz, Blues, everything else – 10%

    BQ1: speakers. but certain songs are awesome through headphones.

    BQ2: “I Zimbra” by the Talking Heads

  30. Master C says:

    I think about 90% of my collection is Rock. The remaining 10% is a mix between county, jazz, world, and big band/swing. Although, that isn’t to say I have a few albums from each genre…I have several. I have a lot of music! LOL
    Punk makes up about 70-75% of my overall collection.

    I definitely prefer speakers! Headphones are really bad for your ears.

    3:08? This is an awesome question! LOL
    It’s a tossup between:
    Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash
    Last Call by Street Dogs
    Hey Pachuco! by Royal Crown Revue
    Hometown Zero by Hometown Zero
    Break The Glass by Suicide Machines

    All those songs are REALLY good!

  31. Hmm, I think about 85-90% of the music I listen to would fall under Rock. The rest is a variety of genres ; Pop, Ambient, Classical [Western and Indian, mostly], some Blues etc.

    BQ ; Definitely earphones.

  32. Bored @ Work says:

    80% rock mixed with r&b, pop, ect.

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