What is the government doing to stop 61 illegals from living in one house?

September 13, 2009 12 Comments
crowded house
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12 Comments to “What is the government doing to stop 61 illegals from living in one house?”
  1. For the State of California, the answer is nothing. In California it is against the law for a landlord to refuse to rent to an illegal immigrant (Lanlords can thank Arnold Schwarzenegger because he signed that into law. Democrats created the law and Republicans are against it.).

  2. Scott W says:

    nothing but build them larger homes at the Americans expense.

  3. ~{Jonny D}~ says:

    Wow thats freaking disgusting!! It’s like the year 2008 the government should clean there house first of money pinchers and start getting their freaking act together or in the future I just might move to a nicer country myself….

  4. vaar69 says:

    In California? Not a damn thing….the govenator is in the pockets of so many big corps., that he looks the other way while the citizens of that state suffer…the landlord should be shot.

  5. norlore says:

    What does the government do when they “know” where 8 million and their families are, and where they work……nothing

    since 1996 the IRS quietly gives them an ITIN number for tax purposes (they are not eligible for a SS number)

  6. The government would like YOU to leave your home

    …and make way for them to come and destroy your country and your neighborhood.

    The only thing the government will understand is disruption of the status quo. If the Feds. can’t keep control, collect our tax dollars and maintain things that THEY think are criticle, they will fold and the people will get their way.

    Look how the Black leaders extorted from the government by mandating insane programs like affirmative action.
    In essence, all you innocents who did nothing wrong, had not slaves, will have to give up your opportunities so all these black, brown, asian etc people can get work or have opportunities, regardless of their qualifications. Reverse discrimination is what it is.
    The FEDS bought this because they were afraid that society would crumble with the social unrest. The White dweebs bought into it, allowed it and here we sit.
    Being skewed, blued and tatooed by a criminal government that gives away our lands, to help the greedy corporations that need cheap labor.
    Face it, at some point, when there is no food, no water, no gas, criminality is SO high that everyone has to carry a gun to protect themselves, our war waging country who kills off it’s native sons to sell weapons and munitions to fatten the Porkers that run the show here, once this is realized and there is no opportunities, Americans are going to burn the house down.
    If things don’t change fairly soon, we are going to see this start to happen.

  7. Chris says:

    Unfortunately nothing until we vote these good for nothings out of office and vote in people who truly want to represent their constituency and enforce our laws! Maybe we should stop paying taxes or our medical bills – why doesn’t the ACLU get on a case representing a person who can’t get a job because he or she isn’t bilingual? That is total discrimination – I will not cater to them ever! Here in Chicago, we used to live in Berwyn, a suburb and we had five or six families living in one home – and if you called the building department, they did nothing either -
    We need to enforce our laws, report and deport and defeat any amnesty proposals and send them home – yesterday isn’t soon enough -
    Until it affects the government, nothing will be done – we have to affect the government by voting them all OUT!

  8. Stephen G says:

    Probably find them a bigger house ………………………

  9. Why does it read as if not one person took the time to read the headline or even the first paragraph before answering the one given in I’m Beat!’s posting.
    So many replies about rental laws, building then a bigger home and even a tax answer.
    What is said in the headline is,
    “Immigration agents find ‘a scene of squalor’ while investigating a smuggling ring.”
    The first paragraph reads,
    “Sixty-one illegal immigrants, including three toddlers, were discovered at a house in South Los Angeles early Wednesday by federal immigration agents serving a search warrant as part of an investigation into a human smuggling ring, authorities said.”
    This was part of a three year investigation, who here can say that these berated bad landlords weren’t working with law enforcement during this investigation?
    This isn’t clean house or any other reality show so no one is getting a bigger home for free.

  10. a bush family member is the best answer! pick him!

  11. There’s an illegal alien for ya—The illegal immigrants will continue to corrupt America. We allow
    anyone to come in here, pop out babies like machine guns, (bonus
    check for welfare, which means more money) and allow anyone born here
    to become automatic U.S. citizens. Think of the U.S. as a small jar.
    Think of the world as a massive glass container. The marbles
    represent the people…as long as you try to put more and more in
    from the large jar (represents the entire world), to the small jar
    (U.S.), eventually, it will start overflowing. That is what is
    happening…overpopulation is HUGE right now. The rate we are going
    at, we won’t ever be able to build enough roads, houses, schools,
    hospitals, etc., the way we are growing. The economy is bashed every
    single year. I have no idea how much the budget is for illegals, but
    it has to be billions, even trillions of dollars. They come here, get
    free food, health care, rob from Social Security, live off of
    welfare. The more kids they have, the more checks they get, so why
    not have eight to ten kids? The financial burden is horrible…no
    telling how many trillions these illegals are costing us yearly. How
    do we stop this crisis? Well, just take the benefits away. If we
    didn’t have all the FREE things to offer, they wouldn’t be coming
    here. The education…HAVE ALL BOOKS IN ENGLISH. Don’t let the
    illegals get college education…take them back to Mexico if they
    can’t get citizenship (it’s not like it’s hard in the first
    place…it may be a long process, but not hard.) The unemployment
    rates will continue to rise because they come here, don’t work or
    anything, get everything for FREE, so why should they work…they
    just get everything handed to them in the first place. If they get
    paid to sit on their butts eating burritos all day instead of
    working, why not? Bringing more people in to take jobs…BS! If a
    legal U.S. citizen needs a job bad enough, he/she will do whatever
    they have to do to get that extra money. If you can’t handle the
    answer, don’t ask the question.

  12. Whyruafraid? says:

    WOW, you mean they weren’t mexicans? Most of the antis on here claim only mexicans are the problem. I’m shocked!

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