What is the difference between rock band and rock band 2?

February 9, 2005 4 Comments
Ayumi asked:

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4 Comments to “What is the difference between rock band and rock band 2?”
  1. This is the wrong section, but:

    Different songs
    RB2 has better graphics
    RB2 has downloadable songs for the Wii
    You can do more on the Wii in RB2 (create characters, etc.)

  2. Rock Band 2 might have a different and better improved drum set but I’m not sure about that.
    Rock Band 2 also has better clothing and options for your character such as piercings.
    Also, 2 has better songs in my opinion.

  3. Rock Band 1 is the first one and Rock Band 2 is the 2nd one :P

  4. cat lover says:

    rock band 1 on wii u cant make your own characters but on rock band 2 u can. On xbox the graphics r not as good. They also have different songs. Both of them for xbox u can make characters. I have rock band 2 on wii and it is the best i think. The second one is better quality. U can play rock band on xbox and wii. The clothes r different and there r much more. rock band rox!!!!! lol :)

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