What is the best value electric guitar for rock music?

April 21, 2006 8 Comments
rock music
David asked:

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8 Comments to “What is the best value electric guitar for rock music?”
  1. I’ve been playing for 10 years, I love the ibanez guitars because they have a great fast action neck. Most are reasonably priced also.

  2. Benjamin says:

    Epiphone Les Pauls are pretty good guitars, and are much cheaper than their Gibson counterparts. You’ll be able to find it left handed easily, although left handed in other things does not mean you’ll be left handed for guitar, especially if your son has no experience at guitar. Other possibilities include an Ibanez guitar (not my style, but for metal they’re good), or possibly a Fender, which can’t get the low end needed for metal, but are great for basically everything else. I’d say the Epiphone Les Paul that fits in your price range will be the best bet, you can’t really go wrong there.

  3. Hells Wrath says:

    Rock – Fender Strat
    Metal – Ibanez RG series

    Ibanez is better. You can play everything from classic Rock to Death Metal.

  4. Snograt says:

    Check the link – Epiphone Les Paul Standard left-handed for £329 inc VAT and delivery. Awesome deal.

  5. Nonpartisan says:

    I have to agree Ibanez are the best, but if he really like Les Pauls maybe you should look into Epiphone or my favorite Squire Telecasters.

  6. Amnre says:

    if hes a beginner, then fender strat is a great all round guitar

  7. ddrum says:

    There are some great close out deals on selected Schecter models right now. I had read some amazing reviews on these guitars and didn’t really buy into the hype, but they had the C-1 Classic marked down so low I had to buy it. I am not lying when I say the C-1 not only plays better than my American Fender and Gibson, but completely blows them out of the water. Yes it is almost impossible to believe. It could be that I just got lucky, but almost every review I read says the exact same thing. Best neck I have ever played, including top of the line PRS.

  8. RunningNCR says:

    –2677299/item–SQU0310203 (the guitar)–2677299/item–LINSPIV30 (the amp)–2677299/item–MISGAPK (accessories)

    These are links to some really awesome and inexpensive guitars and amps! I am customizing the guitar right now. Here are some links to my guitar:

    This guitar is so easy to upgrade. So if your son all the sudden wants a different sound, etc, you can easily replace and upgrade the pickups, tuners, etc like I’m doing here!

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