What is the best show for watching hard rock music videos on television?

August 3, 2006 6 Comments
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duckalum02 asked:

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6 Comments to “What is the best show for watching hard rock music videos on television?”
  1. M@ says:

    Fuse used to be good for that…used to be good for that…

  2. Hard Rocker says:

    MTV, VH-1 and CMT have all sold-out ( likely owned by the same corporation ), sad to say.

    It’d be great if someone put up a dedicated hard rock music video satellite channel that defiantly stood up against the sell-outs.

  3. Matt says:


  4. Have you seen Hard Times (www.hardtimes.tv)? They are on once a week Saturday nights and show only rock videos. Last week they had the new Metallica video and a bunch of others. The website has playlists if you want to check it out.

  5. Toolman says:

    metal mania on VH1 classics most cable systems have it

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