What is some good rock music for movies and trailers?

August 10, 2007 1 Comment
rock music
*ThePunk1* asked:

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One Comments to “What is some good rock music for movies and trailers?”
  1. Ambrose says:

    Try some Linkin Park “Bleed it Out” or Audioslave’s Like A Stone. Maybe a little Lacuna Coil. To see a perfect example Nine Inch Nails’s The Day the Whole World went Away in Terminator Salvation. Made it kick-ass. If I were to edit a trailer, I’d use Royal Bliss’s Save Me, Puddle of Mudd”s Take It All Away, and Staind’s It
    s been Awhile. Maybe a little Marilyn Manson
    s If I Was Your Vampire. Made MAX PAYNE kick ass.

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