What is a common characteristic between all Rock Music?

March 16, 2006 5 Comments
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Sophie asked:

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5 Comments to “What is a common characteristic between all Rock Music?”
  1. The guitar is the lead force in every rock band [whatever genre]

    and, also.
    The 1st singer that the band has molds that band’s style.

  2. Mike says:

    Well and truly, the sheer force of a guitar and the brilliance of some vocalists. Good vocalists nowadays are very hard to come by,

  3. I think the guitar is the answer. Though obviously other forms of music utilize guitar too, in pretty much every rock subgenre (except possibly industrial) the guitar is central to the music. Differences usually lie in how “loud” (i.e. distorted) that guitar is, fast vs. slow, etc.

  4. oRc4L says:

    I goes beyond the guitar cause there are some genres that don’t use it all that much like jazz or blues, Little Richard was jamming on a Piano and so was Ray Charles the list can go on and on. Its mostly just the tempo I would say, If you play a slower bluesy tempo you can 2 time it and make a rock n roll song of it.

    That’s how Otis Redding and his band (Soul band) Played at Monterrey Pop playing with The Who, Jimi Hendrix and other rock gods.

    sub-genres do the same thing they take basic chords or something and double it here, fix it there, and there you go you have Rush.

    I can go on and on and on with this, I bottom line is every generation is going to have some kinda evolve music to fit the times.

    except for glam rock and power ballads, WTF? 80′s you let us down.

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