What happens if sheet rock becomes wet after a heavy rain?

February 3, 2005 4 Comments
bijujrk asked:

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4 Comments to “What happens if sheet rock becomes wet after a heavy rain?”
  1. J.D. says:

    it gets black mold n rots
    chrys is right-the dry wall goes up last b4 adding stoves etc

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  3. Chrys says:

    yes it will…they usually don’t do the sheet rock until the roof is up..someone made a mistake and it needs to be done over…moisture in the sheet rock leads to MOLD (the nasty, bad, dangerous kind) and it crumbles (and leads to wall failure). I’d be speaking to the contractors and the city health inspector and the building inspectors NOW.

  4. .

    I hope you are kidding!

    Who in their right mind would install sheet rock if the roof wasn’t installed and shingled? (Was the roof at least covered tightly with rolled roofing or tar paper?)

    If not, you may have a severe problem. — Wet sheetrock will likely mold, as will the insulation that would also have gotten wet, and you will have a mold problem in your house. MOLD IN A HOUSE CAN MAKE YOU VERY SICK!

    Contact the builder. They are responsible for their work. (Unless you told them to do it that way?)

    If you get no satisfaction from the builder, contact the local building inspector. There should be building regulations in place that would address this situation.


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