What genre of rock had the strongest lyrics?

March 22, 2005 8 Comments
Alain D. asked:

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8 Comments to “What genre of rock had the strongest lyrics?”
  1. sugaree says:

    folk….nobody can come close to the lyrics bob dylan wrote.

  2. The Jordan says:

    How the hell do lyrics about unemployment, racial conflict, and drug use translate into strong lyrics? That translates into lame lyrics.

  3. right…and the guys performing it were all stoned out of their heads. “rock and roll ain’t noise polution”…ac/dc. that there is your best genre of rock.

  4. ill say psychadellic because of the whole peace movement

  5. all different genres-it depends on the song writer-diff bands can have weak or strong lyricists

    alot of alternative bands have good lyrics, alot of metal and punk is cliched but don’t underestimate the good stuff!

  6. lincifer says:

    I would think this would depend on everyone’s musical taste. I think metal and bands of the rock genre have the best lyrics. Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, RATM, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Metallica, Bob Dylan, Blind Guardian, Mars Volta, Muse, Queensryche, etc.

  7. Biner says:

    Not sure, what’ a genre? I thought it was all rock and roll.

  8. isawmarty says:

    Folk. Folkies were singing about all that stuff in the 1930s (Woody Guthrie), and they’ve sung about it whether they were selling a million records or twelve records.

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