What decade(s) do you thing were the best periods of time for rock music?

February 27, 2007 14 Comments
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14 Comments to “What decade(s) do you thing were the best periods of time for rock music?”
  1. I think that the 60′s and 70′s were the best.

  2. Ariel says:

    70s through 90s were great, especially the 90s.

  3. PeaceFrog says:

    60s for sure! So many great bands!
    Pshh I asked this question a while ago and have no answers :/

  4. Hell.Rocker says:

    80s kinda killed the “real” rock..

    so its 60s and 70s … and same goes for metal

  5. Hmmm… 90s is where the underground stuff finally bubbled up and got the recognition they so rightly deserved, so I would go with the 90s.

  6. I think, just my personal opinion, the 90′s started a good era of rock and that most of todays artists as well. there are a few bands from the 80′s i can tolerate but i find most rock back then to be guys that sound like little shreiking girls…

  7. ’70s definitely… that was rock at its peak… it was growing almost faster than was safe. Genres were being created everywhere you turned. You had many huge groups, and I mean HUGE. Plus, there were masses of less well-known groups that made music that was almost as good, if not as good as the mainstream. The ’60s were nice, but for half of the decade there was hardly anything, and even in the later parts it wasn’t as big a thing as in the ’70s, and I don’t know… I just really love the ’70s…

  8. Hoagie says:

    40′s, 50′s, 60′s. Whenever blues were still vibrant in society. I’m not sure if anyone will agree but I don’t care. Blues is where it all started. Without it, there would be no metal or modern rock or classic rock.

  9. 60′s and 70′s, followed by the late 80′s/early 90′s.

  10. Nancy D says:

    The 60′s and 70′s without a doubt. I went to high school in the 80′s. It was the beginning of really horrible music.

  11. I think the 70′s because it was a ground breaking decade for Rock. I totally disagree that music has gone down hill , there has been wonderful music in each decade. Sometimes you just have to look harder.

  12. 80s

    thrash metal and hardcore punk

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