What are the places to listen to rock music in Dublin?

December 13, 2006 5 Comments
rock music
Dacy asked:

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5 Comments to “What are the places to listen to rock music in Dublin?”
  1. Bell-Jared says:

    The Mezz in Temple Bar area

    Occasionally Tripod on Harcourt Street have live bands

    The Porterhouse on Nassau street- music isnt live but its an amazing night if you’re into rock music.

    Chech out for further rock listings

  2. GreenBrigade says:

    I’m not into rock but I’ve been to Eamonn Dorans in temple bar a few times and it was good

  3. Efnissien says:

    Eammon Dorrans in temple bar used to be good for rock/indie music. (I haven’t been there in a while).
    Theres also the “viper room” on Arran quay (?)

  4. BrianO says:


    For live bands, the best places for gigs like that are Whelans and Crawdaddy. Eamonn Dorans and the Button Factory are okay too.

    For just listening to out and out rock music over the sound system, look no further than Bruxelles! It even has a statue of Phil Lynott in front of it!

    The following links should help:

    Best of luck with it,

  5. James G says:

    as well as all the usuals, keep an eye on the 3rd level college and Uni’s gig guides. lots of great music and nights out slip by the general public while being enjoyed by the students.

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