What are some rock songs that you listen to at night to help you sleep?

October 6, 2009 15 Comments
crowded house
Joe B asked:

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15 Comments to “What are some rock songs that you listen to at night to help you sleep?”
  1. Musicfairy says:

    porcelain- Red hot chili peppers
    rhinocerous- smashing pumpkins

  2. hello says:

    the cure
    bright eyes
    minus the bear

  3. Any Radiohead
    Dr. Dre
    The Cure
    Dresden Dolls

  4. rhinocerous and la dolly vita-smashing pumpkins
    freebird-lynard skynard

    I highly recomend rhinocerous. a mellow masterpiece that would make pink floyd proud

  5. China Grove – The Doobie Brothers
    War Pigs – Black Sabbath
    Jessica – The Allman Brothers
    Diary of a Madman – Ozzy
    Who are you and Pinball Wizard – The Who
    Frankenstein – Edgar Winter
    Ice Cream Man – Van Halen
    Desperado – The Eagles
    Radar Love – Golden Earing
    Stairway to Heaven, Black Dog, Kashmir, and Over the Hills – Led Zeppelin
    Aqualung and Locomotive Breath – Jethro Tull
    Do you feel like i do – Peter Frampton
    sympathy for the devil and Satisfaction – Rolling Stones
    Magic Carpet Ride – Steppen Wolf
    Come Sail Away and Renegade – Styx
    Drops of Jupiter – Train
    Simple man – Lynyrd Skynyrd

    hope this helps

  6. The album “Plans” by Death Cab for Cutie. It’s perfect for listening to in bed.

  7. Sky says:

    I dont listen to music at night to sleep i do it because I wake up in a better mood in the morning

  8. Spoonman :] says:

    i listen to melodic music when i want to get to sleep likee:

    Mercury rev – Opus 40
    Mercury rev – endlessly
    Mercury rev – the dark is rising

    The Beatles – Hey Jude
    The Rolling Stones – Wild horses
    The Rolling Stones – I Got The Blues

  9. Lefty says:

    Echoes- Pink Floyd
    Heroin- The Velvet Underground

  10. Personally I listen to jimmy eat worlds cd futures on my iPod…. Actually I’m listening to it right now… Hahahaha ummmmmm there all really slow and have meaning. As I type I am listeningvto drugs or me by jimmy eat world. I also really like Polaris by jimmy eat world. Ya so listen to therm and let me know if you liked it
    Ily courtney

  11. Carton Size says:

    “Digital Bath” – deftones

    Very soothing vocals.

  12. Bagatelle says:

    Do you like Atmospheric Metal?
    It’s fantastic for sleeping – you’re be off in no time.

    ANATHEMA (everything by this band is fantastic)
    One Last Goodbye -
    Are you there? –

    KATATONIA (a little heavier, but still very mellow – a personal cure for insomnia)
    My Twin -
    Tonight´s Music -=-BjRmHMUWvQ

  13. jeremy says:

    Any Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin

  14. Carolyn A says:

    Ok, first of all, Derek and the Dominos are amazing! and hardly anyone my age knows them! So it’s refreshing to hear anyone talk about them!

    My suggestions are:
    ~”Blackbird” – The Beatles
    ~”Dear Prudence” – from either The Beatles or the Across the Universe soundtrack
    ~”I Looked Away” – Derek and the Dominos
    ~”Midnight Rider” – The Allman Brother’s Band
    ~”Hurdy Gurdy Man” – Donovan
    ~”Turn! Turn! Turn!” – The Byrds

    and if you like reggae then I suggest:
    ~”Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley

    These are all I can think of right now by looking at the songs you listed. Hope they help you sleep! :)

  15. Bullet for my valentine-waking the demon,all these things i hate(revolve around me),tears don’t fall
    Evanescence-my immortal,tourniquet,good enough,bring me to life,imaginary,hello,and,lithium
    shinedown-second chance

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