What are some good tips for getting out of the parents house?

September 21, 2009 9 Comments
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Olivia L asked:

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9 Comments to “What are some good tips for getting out of the parents house?”
  1. Love Child says:

    Save money.
    save, save, save

  2. DoH says:

    Go to college, live on campus.

  3. i worked has a stripper made a lot of money and rented a house.

    i finished high school, later

    but you can also rent a room

  4. molley says:

    Try to get a job and find some cheap accomdation,stay in a relatives house or ask a friend does she want to move out as well,otherwise stick a tent up in the garden and camp out.

  5. Taigh says:

    lawl that lady was a stripper, ill prob be askin this question in a few years..

  6. Shayna B says:

    get a job save money

  7. wilson says:

    You can’t get very specific advice without stating what your income and expenses are (not that I’m suggesting you should have, just saying), but saving money is simple: Spend less than you make. You know what your goal is, and you want to save at least a couple thousand dollars (or much more, depending on what the rents are in your area). So think of the things that you buy that aren’t necessary. Cut things out. Try to make more food and drinks at home, if you usually grab food and drinks (especially specialty drinks) when you are out. If you spend too much money on clothes, throw away the catalogs as soon as they get into your mailbox. Don’t tempt yourself. Don’t hang out at the mall. If you don’t see something you love, you can’t decide that you can’t live without it. Think of all the things you’re already living without, and imagine how many cool things you could have owned but never saw them for sale. You don’t need everything that’s cute or cool.
    If you don’t have a savings account, you should probably open one.
    The act of saving isn’t so much about “saving” as it is “not spending”- so think wisely before paying for anything. If you really need something, comparison shop before you buy it. If you are really strict with yourself, you can watch money add up very quickly.
    If you have a part-time job, you can see if you can extend your hours here and there for a bit of extra income, as well.
    If you find a way to save $250 a month, you’ll have $2,000 saved by the end of May. $250 isn’t really that much, but of course, it depends on your income.
    When you are close to moving out, sign up for your local Freecycle at . People are always giving away couches and TVs and plates and pots and pans… Some things may not be wonderful, but they are free and a huge help. You would need to go pick them up, though.
    Good luck. :]

  8. OK says:

    After graduation, go to college and live in a dorm..
    Or get a job and a roommate who will help with rent..

    UNTIL graduation, save every dime you have, if your not working, get a job quickly..If you already have a job…NO SPENDING!!!

    ONe thing many teenagers do not know is IF you qualify for a certain grant [Pell] to use for college, it often pays alittle extra for things you might need like a new pc, cloths, gas, in your case you could use the extra to help pay for your rent where you live….ALL you have to do is be disciplined enough and want it bad enough to have tons of self control until you graduate….Get started on putting in for grants…Best wishes….:)

  9. helene m says:

    You make sure you get a great education even if it means you have to stay home a little longer! Education is the key to a great life!Minimum wage won’t take you very far in life.Keep in mind that if you have goals you’ll accomplish them no matter what .Even if it gets tough at times don’t despair keep sailing in the direction you’ve traced for yourself you can do it!

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