What are some good ideas for a rock story going through the rock cycle?

September 5, 2005 3 Comments
Madja Lok Tweys asked:

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3 Comments to “What are some good ideas for a rock story going through the rock cycle?”
  1. P'rushim says:

    …talk about the “cycles” of a Volcano… Volcano’s are the perfect example of “rock-eaters” and “rock” producers…

  2. idhacs64 says:

    How about comparing the rock to the major developmentsand changes through human life.

    Childhood, adolescents, Adult hood.

    Sorry if I misunderstood the question

  3. Soggy Soap. says:

    ew. i hated doing that when i was in school. i remember we had to make a cartoon about it. i think i remember i did it about these workers who mined in a cory and found a lot of sedimentary rock. one of the rock pieces flew all the way to hawaii and fell into a volcano. it then turned to lava and cooled to igneous rock…. i dont remember what happended after that lol but that can get you started, yeah?

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