weather with you – crowded house cover

June 6, 2010 25 Comments

I recorded this with a band i used to be with about 10 years ago. I sang and played rythm guitar and we used to gig in local pubs. It was recoded in the front room of a small terraced house but the noise was quite isolated. It did’nt come out to bad – see what you think. The pictures were taken in switzerland 2005 while on a motorbike camping trip with a good friend.

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25 Comments to “weather with you – crowded house cover”
  1. foggonthetyne says:

    I was sorry to go home!

  2. mightyaznmidget says:

    ww amazing view

  3. foggonthetyne says:

    Bikes, good music, beer, travel, camping, good company, shame it only happens once a year!

  4. foscarimx says:

    Nice to share those moments with a good friend!

  5. foggonthetyne says:

    Its hard to put across in photos and music just what it felt like to be there. It was fantastic and worth every penny of the money i spent.

  6. diagenesis123 says:

    Great song! Photos were awesome, look like goodtimes!


  7. foggonthetyne says:

    Cheers. Biking and music are in my blood. I cant stay in one place while I have my bike.

  8. tone717171 says:

    very good video and perfect song well sung,makes me wish i was there, ARRRRR nice

  9. foggonthetyne says:

    The plastic came with the bike when i purchased it.

  10. GeN0123 says:

    where did you buy this plastic around the machine on bandit? And how much €?

  11. foggonthetyne says:

    Thanks Antonio. Good spot! a BMW it certainly is. My friend who owned it has now changed for the latest model and we are off to spain for another road trip soon.

  12. bentonio07 says:

    Oh beautiful pop song!!! Really great version.
    Did I spot a BMW there?

  13. foggonthetyne says:

    Ha! That a nice compliment Jon. Thanks.

  14. 1after909 says:

    You sound great foggy..I didn’t even realize it was you when you first posted..I thought it was just background music for your road trip..I love the song and your singing too

  15. bonzosmontreux77 says:

    Yeah Neil Finn is a bit of a legend as you prob know they have reformed with an album due and hopefully I can catch them when they tour England..

  16. foggonthetyne says:

    Thanks Annie. Very kind.

  17. foggonthetyne says:

    Thank you. I agree, Crowded House were superb.

  18. foggonthetyne says:

    Your right it is raw,we enjoyed recording this a lot. I once saw Crowded House play live in my local town and they were just as good as their studio music. Neil Finn has an unbelievable voice.

  19. AnnieCanada says:

    This is excellent.. Sound is awesome! Great voice~

  20. bonzosmontreux77 says:

    Crowded House are one of my favourite bands though I never play this song as I’ve heard it way too many times..This has a raw quality I enjoyed and was nice to here it done in a fresh way. Very good.

  21. KrisShred says:

    Very nice cover on a great song!

  22. foggonthetyne says:

    Thanks Miker – I have a secret to tell – i had a hangover when this was recorded and my throat was a bit rough – sounded OK when it was mastered tho…

  23. foggonthetyne says:

    Yes thats me straining away at the mic. The sound is OK – it took us a couple of days to record 4 numbers – the other 3 may get an airing on You Tube someday

  24. secretstrummer says:

    Sounds great. Is that you singing – great voice anyway. Fabulous – very pro sound.

  25. Miker2 says:

    sounds good

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